Ryan Edwards Cheating Scandal: New Details Emerge, Wife Deletes Social Media

Two days ago, it was reported by Radar Online that Ryan Edwards of Teen Mom OG had been sending naughty photographs to a woman via Tinder. When the anonymous tipster asked if Ryan was married, as she told him she had seen him on Teen Mom, he answered that he was, but he “liked to have a little fun on the side.” After a series of dirty messages, he asked the woman to meet him at Food City so they could then go back to his house for “a little fun.” Ryan Edwards told the woman that his wife, Mackenzie Standifer, was out of town for the weekend.

New details have emerged from the anonymous woman, who claims that when she noticed it was Ryan Edwards from Teen Mom OG, she decided to pursue the messages for a while and even wanted to meet up with him and have sex just so she could sell the story to a tabloid magazine.

The woman asked in a Teen Mom Facebook group if she should sleep with him so she could make a quick buck, or if she should have morals and pass because he is a married man. Ultimately, it seems the woman passed on the opportunity, but still decided to sell the story.

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The YouTube channel, The Grace Report, which talks about topics related to Teen Mom, recently reported that Ryan had contacted other women asking them to “hook up” as well, but the video was shortly taken down after the woman who contacted the YouTuber says she was threatened.

After the newest story of Ryan’s infidelity was leaked to Radar Online, Mackenzie Standifer, Ryan’s wife, has dropped all social media. Previously, the mom of one locked down her social media after it was revealed that her husband drove while under the influence of an unspecified substance to their actual wedding.

At first, Mackenzie clapped back by posting photos of herself with her wedding ring in clear view, but it seems the backlash from this newest scandal proved to be too much and she has deleted herself entirely from social media.

Radar Online claims to have verified the Tinder profile and phone number to be belonging to Ryan Edwards.

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