People Actually Believe The 2017 Total Solar Eclipse Will Bring The Lizard Man, Aliens, Or Earth’s Destruction

On Monday, Aug. 21, there will be a total solar eclipse that has people freaking out, buying glasses, learning the best way to view it, and jumping to some of the strangest conclusions imaginable. Not only are people excited and thrilled about this rare occurrence, but there are actually people looking at things happening that may be well beyond the scope of reality. Yes, there are people who believe the Lizard Man may appear, aliens will arrive, or that the Earth will come to an end.

Live Science is building this up as an event that very few people will ever see again in their lifetime as the moon passes in front of the sun to block all light to Earth. Some areas will see a total eclipse, while others will see a partial, but it’s still going to be a sight to see.

As people figure out the best ways to experience this great event in a safe manner, there are many others who are overly concerned. Some are very nervous that this is a sign of the end of days and that the strangest happenings are about to become a reality.

Even if others don’t believe it, the fear is very real in many and precautionary measures are being taken.

Some people are worried that this solar eclipse is going to be the perfect time for an alien invasion of Earth, and others find the timing too coincidental. According to WDRB, this total solar eclipse is happening 62 years to the day of an alleged alien encounter in Kelly, Kentucky.

Kelly happens to be a suburb of Hopkinsville, Kentucky, which is being called the “Point of the Greatest Eclipse” as reported by Eclipseville. People from around the world are heading to Hopkinsville to view the eclipse in full, and they may just end up seeing a lot more than they bargained for if aliens arrive.

Whether aliens arrive or not may not matter as some conspiracy theorists are under the impression that the eclipse is signaling the end of the world. Express is reporting that many “hardline evangelical Christians” see the destruction of Earth is at hand and that it is all due to witchcraft.

It is believed that this “Black Moon,” as it is called by members of the Wicca religion, will bring about an apocalypse of some sort. Some in Salem, Oregon, where the eclipse will begin its U.S. travel in full, could be the place where chaos could erupt once it all begins on Monday afternoon.

Of course, there are also those who are having some fun with all of this and trying to make the solar eclipse even more enjoyable.

Yes, WKYC is reporting that the South Carolina Emergency Management Division (SCEMD) has decided to bring about a bit of a tongue-in-cheek warning to everyone — beware of the Lizard Man. They’re letting residents know that South Carolina’s iconic and rare creature may be spotted sometime on Monday during the eclipse.

They even presented a map where he may be seen.

Many experts have given their opinions on things and want people to seriously know the dangers of the total solar eclipse. The Today show even made a report about a man who suffered severe eye problems from an eclipse in 1962, and experts want everyone to take the proper safety methods on Monday.

They want everyone to be aware that looking directly at it or without the right protective eyewear could cause serious eye damage, but they stop before warning of aliens or lizard people.

On Monday, there will be countless people outside with their special glasses on and trying to catch a glimpse or picture of the 2017 total solar eclipse. There are specific warnings that must be followed for everyone to be safe and to keep anything bad from happening, but that is mostly due to eye damage. Still, others are of the belief that aliens, the Lizard Man, unexpected visitors, or even the end of the Earth may be upon us all.

[Featured Image by Ulet Ifansasti/Getty Images]