‘Big Brother 19’ Spoilers: Week 8 POV Plan, Another Backdoor Scenario, And The New Temptation Twist Revealed

Big Brother 19 spoilers reveal the Week 8 POV plan, a backdoor scenario, and a new Apple Tree twist. Many assumed that Mark Jansen would automatically become Week 8’s target, but the spoilers suggest that may not be the case. The BB19 house considers getting rid of someone that may be stiff competition in the weeks ahead.

When the live feeds returned on August 19, Big Brother Network revealed that Christmas Abbott won the HOH and nominated Matt Clines and Jason Dent. It appeared, at first, that they were both pawns, but later Christmas stated that it wouldn’t be bad for her game if Jason left this week. Big Brother 19 spoilers indicate that Christmas is considering offering Mark a lifeline by providing him a two-week safety net.

Week 8 POV And Backdoor Plan

The Week 8 POV plan is just like last week with Cody Nickson. The BB19 house wants to make sure that Mark doesn’t have the option to play for safety, which would allow them to remove one of the nominees and evict him as the third member of the jury. However, Christmas realizes that plan may not work since Mark could get picked to play Veto and win the competition.

So, if Mark wins safety this week during the POV competition, Christmas agreed that Jason should be the target. Big Brother 19 spoilers indicate that getting rid of Jason this week wouldn’t be a bad idea either, as it breaks up the alliance between Alex Ow and Jason.

The worst-case scenario is that Christmas would break the tie between Matt and Jason. Matt explained how nervous it makes him that he has to depend on Christmas to stay in the BB19 house, but would go along with the plan.

The New Apple Tree Twist

Julie Chen revealed during the Thursday’s episode (August 17) that CBS would roll out a new Temptation twist on Sunday’s show. Big Brother Network shared that the new twist will give the BB19 house the option of a second veto, eliminate two eviction votes, a bounty on your head, can’t play in next HOH, or save a friend.

There are five powers, and as you can see above, some of the powers are not good. The details about the twist are fuzzy, but Big Brother 19 live feeds spoilers revealed that one of the powers was unleashed on the house. Big Brother 19 spoilers indicate that Mark won the “save a friend” power and chose to save Paul Abrahamian. Of course, the BB18 vet did not need the safety net this week. Josh Martinez speculated that Mark gave Paul safety because he knew he was safe anyway with Christmas being HOH.

Big Brother 19 spoilers indicate that the POV players will be picked shortly and the competition should begin in the afternoon. It will be interesting to see how the BB19 house shifts their target after the POV competition.

Are you surprised by the POV plans for Week 8? Do you think Mark made the right choice by giving Paul safety for the week?

Big Brother airs Sunday, Wednesday, and Thursday evenings on CBS.

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