Former WWE Champion Triple H Slams Talk Show Host Jimmy Fallon Through A Desk After Comments He Made

Popular talk show host Jimmy Fallon was given a “summer slam” by former champion Triple H last night as the WWE star was unhappy with the host’s recent comments. Fallon was involved in doing one of his regular segments but may have gone a bit too far, at least according to the man known as the “King of Kings.” The former WWE Champion stopped by The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon and demonstrated just how destructive a force “The Cerebral Assassin” can be when he’s not happy with someone. One has to wonder what these recent events might lead to within the WWE Universe in the weeks ahead, and if Fallon might retaliate.

So what happened exactly? During the latest episode his The Tonight Show, talk show host Jimmy Fallon did a thank you note segment. In the bit, he writes letters to thank various celebrities and sports personalities. Fallon wrote his first note to current WWE Hall of Famer Donald Trump, thanking him for firing Steve Bannon. Another “thank you” went out to the supermarket gumball machine for letting Jimmy “taste 1987.” The final thank you went to Triple H, but Hunter was in the building and none too pleased with Fallon’s comments, as seen in the video below.

Triple H causes damage to Seth Rollins
Triple H attacked Seth Rollins' leg ahead of WWE's WrestleMania 33 match. [Image by WWE]

Triple H is no stranger to causing damage to his opponents inside and outside the ring. Most recently, he was featured in a story building up to Seth Rollins’ return to WWE and WrestleMania this year. As Rollins prepared for a match with Triple H by continuing to rehab a leg injury, “The Game” took advantage of attacking Rollins on crutches in the ring. Still, the two would end up battling it out at WrestleMania 33 with Rollins picking up a victory after causing Stephanie McMahon to get bumped off the ring apron and fall through a table.

The WWE head honcho and his wife Stephanie McMahon have been off WWE television ever since the WrestleMania 33 loss. This recent television appearance looks like a good way to grab some publicity ahead of WWE’s big weekend with NXT Takeover: Brooklyn III on Saturday night and then the WWE SummerSlam 2017 pay-per-view arriving on Sunday evening. It’s unknown if Jimmy Fallon will be one of the celebrities in the crowd taking in the event.

Former WWE Champion triple h slams jimmy fallon
Triple H and Stephanie McMahon were last seen at WrestleMania 34 in April for WWE programming. [Image by WWE]

As for Triple H, there have been constant WWE rumors about when the former on-television authority figure might wrestle again. He’s usually booked in large profile matches, and one of the rumors going around has suggested he and current WWE Raw General Manager Kurt Angle might get into a feud. So far nothing much has materialized on that front, as Angle doesn’t appear to be rushing back to the wrestling ring. Meanwhile, one has to wonder if Jimmy Fallon might get into the ring at some point or involved in a WWE segment.

[Featured Image by WWE]