Meghan Markle’s Diet Secrets Revealed: How Prince Harry’s Rumored Fiance Keeps Her Slim Figure

Meghan Markle is famous for her style and toned figure on Suits, but the actress’ secret to a fit body is not the result of a crazy diet or workout schedule. How does Markle keep her slim look in front of the cameras?

According to E! Online, Markle’s favorite indulgences are red wine and French fries. In a recent interview, the actress admitted that she loves eating golden fries for lunch and has no problem swapping out dessert for a good red wine. She also enjoys steak and has a healthy obsession with pasta sauce – but only during the off season.

When filming is in session, Markle cuts out the carbs and fried foods and eats a pretty healthy diet. For breakfast, Markle shows down on a banana, agave syrup, and steel-cut oats. She eats a salad for lunch coupled with an apple and protein source. The actress ends her day with a plate of pasta and veggies and, naturally, a glass of wine. If she needs a snack between meals, Markle opts for a green juice, which helps boost her energy levels.

Once if filming for Suits is over, however, Markle pretty much eats whatever she wants.

“On hiatus, all bets are off,” she explained.

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Meghan Markle added that she typically eats a cheese omelet for breakfast, French fries and seafood for lunch, and soup for dinner. She also provided a few tips for her favorite dishes. When it comes to steak, Markle likes to bring out the flavor with a little lemon juice and loves to mix slow cooked zucchini with her pasta.

Despite Markle’s relaxed stance on dieting, she still rocks a pretty amazing body on Suits, though there is more to her toned look than meets the eye. According to Express, Markle relies heavily on a pair of Spanx and over two hours of makeup whenever she steps in front of the cameras. The Spanx help smooth out her figure while the makeup goes a long way in making Rachel Zane look absolutely gorgeous. Having an amazing wardrobe, of course, also helps.

Prince William and Princess Kate reportedly may soon be participating in Prince Harry's royal wedding to Meghan Markle.

Meghan Markle is currently dating Prince Harry and is rumored to have gotten engaged on a recent African getaway.

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