‘The Dead Files’ Investigate Paranormal Activity From Kentucky To Michigan

The Dead Files Season 8 continues tonight with a trip to Louisville, Kentucky. Louisville has a reputation for being the most haunted area in Kentucky, which perfectly sets up the two-person Dead Files team to uncover proof of the paranormal. Of course, there are many who doubt that the show is actually real; but for true believers, the episode entitled Deadly Kin: Louisville, Kentucky, should be an exciting hour of television.

For the uninitiated, The Dead Files is a weekly program that airs on the Travel Channel. The hosts and paranormal investigators, Steve DiSchiavi and Amy Allen, bring the skills of a retired New York City homicide detective and a psychic communicator together to determine whether or not each reported haunting is real.

The Louisville Investigation

The most compelling details are always kept under wraps until The Dead Files episode actually airs, but there are some intriguing tidbits about the ninth episode of Season 8 that help ensure fans will be tuning in. For example, the ghosts that DiShiavi and Allen attempt to communicate with are extremely malevolent.

The spectral violence threatens the lives of an elderly woman and her adult daughter. This isn’t just some random evil haunting, either; the two ask the Dead Files team for help after their grieving process becomes terrifying. According to Allen’s psychic medium abilities, the duo is facing a very angry deceased old man who is out for blood.

The Dead Files Head to Michigan

Picture of Dead Files Haunted House

In a future episode that doesn’t currently have an announced air date, DiShiavi and Allen will reportedly be headed to Grant Township, Michigan. The small town has a population of only 1,667 residents, which puts it one death away from a number that some consider being very ominous.

Homeowner Rene Seymour reached out to The Dead Files after experiencing so many paranormal events that she became convinced the house itself is trying to get rid of her. She told local media outlet The Times Herald the following.

“It feels like the house is a live entity in itself and we are trespassing, and it is doing everything it can to make us unhappy.”

Filming started at Seymour’s house on August 12, 2017. This provides an interesting insight into how The Dead Files show works because the local filming permit producers requested indicates they’ll stay on site with cameras for five days. It’s also worth note that although the haunting is centered around the house, the camera crew is expected to visit several nearby locations.

Seymour and her sister claim that an entity they call “the shadow man” is responsible for the many odd things they’ve encountered during the past four years. They even went so far as to ask a deacon to bless their house, but this didn’t stop the problem.

Image of Shadow Man Dead Files

If enough evidence can be captured on film, Seymour’s haunted house will gain a national audience in 2018. Chris Celentano, the production manager of The Dead Files, said that one year is the typical timeframe for turning filmed material into an episode.

[Featured image by the Travel Channel]