‘The Big Bang Theory’ Season 11 Episode 1 Spoilers: Title Revealed, Amy Will Reply To Sheldon’s Proposal

The Big Bang Theory Season 11’s premiere episode will pick up right where the show left off in the previous season, and viewers are set to find out whether Amy (Mayim Bialik) says “yes ” or “no” to Sheldon’s (Jim Parsons) proposal. Episode 1 of the upcoming season of Big Bang Theory is titled “The Proposal Proposal.”

In the previous season finale, Sheldon hopped on a plane to New Jersey after his long-time admirer Ramona (Riki Lindhome) kissed him on the lips. He went straight to Amy’s apartment at Princeton and executed his signature three knocks, saying “Amy, Amy, Amy.” When his girlfriend opened the door, she saw him on one knee holding a ring.

And Sheldon finally asked Amy, “Will you marry me?” The episode ended on Amy’s shocked face.

The show’s cast has kept quiet about how Amy is going to reply. However, it is confirmed that the new season does not open with a time jump. Episode 1 of The Big Bang Theory Season 11 picks right where the show left off in Season 10 finale, Mayim Bialik reveals via her blog, Grok Nation.

“As in: same set, same body position, same robe for me and barely any makeup (Mayim the Actor always wanted to look a bit more made-up when Sheldon proposed but Amy the Character was caught off-guard so, barely any makeup it is!), and I needed to get a hair trim to make sure my hair is the same length as it was 3 ½ months ago!”

Mayim Bialik also writes that all summer she had no idea about what Amy was going to say to Sheldon, and whether Episode 1 of The Big Bang Theory Season 11 would reveal her answer. She says that the writers could have done a “thousand different storylines to keep you all waiting…but they pick up right where we left off.”

The actress also says that fans “definitely” get answers in Episode 1 of The Big Bang Theory Season 11. The actress, however, does not drop the big spoiler.

The big spoiler, however, has been leaked by a fan who was present during the taping of Episode 1. [Spoiler Alert] Amy and Sheldon get engaged in “The Proposal Proposal,” according to the spoilers leaked on The Big Bang Theory forum. The two do not keep their friends in the dark about the big development for long. From Amy’s room, they call everyone, including Sheldon’s mother, to inform them about the proposal.

The spoilers also reveal that Bernadette (Melissa Rauch) is pregnant once again. Melissa Rauch’s real-life pregnancy probably has been written into the show. The actress, who is married to Winston Beigel, is due to deliver in the fall.


The Big Bang Theory Season 11 premieres on Monday, September 25 on CBS.

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