Pennsylvania Mom Charged With Burning 3-Year-Old Son With Chemicals, Keeping Him On Leash

Pennsylvania woman Arwen Kuhn was charged this week with a series of horrifying acts she allegedly committed against her 3-year-old son, including burning the boy with chemicals, putting a leash around his neck, and imprisoning him in a dog cage.

A report from CBS News detailed the crimes Kuhn, 38, supposedly committed, as the St. Marys, Pennsylvania, woman was charged with aggravated assault, unlawful restraint of a minor, false imprisonment of a minor, and endangering the welfare of children. Police didn’t release the name of the young victim, nor the name of his father, who had reported the incident to police in November of 2016.

A police affidavit cited by CBS affiliate WHP-TV states that the father had dropped his son off for three days at Arwen Kuhn’s St. Marys, Pennsylvania, home last November. When he returned for the young boy, he noticed that the child was injured, with a bruised head and a scab around his belly button.

The boy was then taken to Penn Highlands Elk Hospital in St. Marys, where he was found to have chemical burns on his stomach and feet, and bruises in other parts of his body, including his forehead, back, and leg. Speaking to police, the boy alleged that his mother also sprayed peroxide in his eyes.

In addition to the above accusations, police reports show that Arwen Kuhn allegedly put her young child on a leash, in an effort to prevent him from getting candy. The Pennsylvania mother is also accused of locking the boy up in a dog cage.

Although the CBS News report suggests that Kuhn admitted that she did some of the things she allegedly did to her toddler son, reporter Bridget McClure of NBC affiliate WJACwas able to speak to the woman, who denied the charges. According to McClure, Kuhn and her attorney feel that the case will “have a different outcome” when the facts are brought to light. Kuhn reportedly chose not to appear on camera when interviewed by WJAC.

The case involving Arwen Kuhn isn’t the only one in Pennsylvania where a mother is being accused of doing unthinkable things to her young child. According to TWC News, 17-year-old Harriette Hoyt of Sayre, Pennsylvania, is facing charges of attempted murder after her 8-month-old baby girl was found alive inside a trash bag behind a home in Elmira, New York.

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