'Alaskan Bush People': Gabe's Instagram Post Hints Exit From The Show?

There have been rumors that Gabe Brown is not going to film for the new season of Alaskan Bush People. His recent post on Instagram hints that the speculations might just be true.

Gabriel Brown posted a black and white photo on Instagram of him from Alaskan Bush People. In the caption, he thanked the Discovery network and the producers for featuring their adventures on the show.

He wrote, "Thank you Discovery Paul Terry Sheila and so many more for the adventures we have shared with the world. God bless." Fans feared this message means farewell for Gabe or for Alaskan Bush People.

One commented, "what the freaking hell does that mean!?!?!? uh nah...you cannot be cryptic with me Gabey baby!" Others hope this is not a good bye, with one writing, "Is this really goodbye? I'm gonna miss you guys being on my tv so much." Some have asked if this means the end of the show, while others said they hope everything is okay with Gabe and his family, especially their mom, Ami.

The Brown family is moving to Colorado to establish a new Browntown, as confirmed in the latest episode of Alaskan Bush People. While Gabe stays with the family, ABP Exposed said he will not be filming for Season 8. He is barely seen in recent episodes as he reportedly has a hard time coping with the crisis they are going through. Gabe was the one who always stayed by his mother and father's side in California while his siblings attended to other matters.

While the network has yet to confirm whether Alaskan Bush People has been renewed for Season 8, ABP Exposed sources said the family will start filming for the next season after they've moved to Colorado. It was reportedly Ami's decision to do the show and continue with their lives as normal. Ami is said to have finished the first round of radiation treatment and chemotherapy. She will return to UCLA Medical Center after filming for Season 8 for another set of chemotherapy to see if the treatment works.

Ami Brown was diagnosed with stage 3B lung cancer. It has reportedly progressed to stage 4 on both lungs and is inoperable, but the information remains unofficial as of writing.

What do you think about Gabe leaving the show? Will you miss him?



Alaskan Bush People airs every Wednesday at 9 p.m. on the Discovery Channel.

[Featured Image by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images]