Kill List Naming Ten Teachers Found Outside Arlington, Texas Junior High School

There seems to be no end to the insanity that has taken hold of the American psyche during the last few weeks. We all listened in shock as our President fought back his tears to tell the nation that 20 innocent children and six teachers were gunned down in Newtown, Connecticut. Later in the weekend, while America grieved and listened to a heart broken Robbie Parker talk about his beloved daughter Emilie, some demented person(s) left a kill list with the names of ten teachers to be murdered outside an Arlington, Texas Junior High School.

The kill list was found over the weekend and by Monday morning, several extra police officers were assigned to the two schools mentioned in the note. According to an anonymous source in the community, three teachers from Young Junior High School and seven teachers from Miller Elementary School were named as the targets.

Police Spokeswoman, Amy Casas, described the threat:

“The police believe there is no imminent threat to students or staff at either campus. However, the district and the police department will not take this investigation lightly.”

Arlington Independent School District sent a letter to parents on Monday and informed them about the threat in general terms. Neither the school district or the police have divulged the specific details or names of the intended victims to the public. Obviously, the authorities are respecting the privacy of the teachers and keeping back the details to preserve the rules of evidence.

Local authorities will maintain a presence at the schools while police continue the investigation and attempt to determine who created this depraved document. Police urge residents to remain calm while they leave no stone unturned to apprehended the perpetrator(s).

Principal Kelly Hastings tried to reassure concerned parents and teachers:

“Enhanced security procedures with additional police and school district personnel were put in place this morning. The [Arlington Police Department] is still investigating this incident to identify the person responsible for making this threat.”

It is hard to imagine the additional torment inflicted on Arlington by the party(s) who created this demented kill list. We must wonder what sort warped thinking or hatred would motivate anyone to perpetrate this psychological assault on an already wounded community. They have twisted a knife into the heart and soul of the good people of Arlington, Texas.

Yet, Arlington residents will unite, comfort each other and persevere. The haters may try and try, but they will never break the community’s spirit or harden their hearts. Instead, they will go home, hug our loved ones and begin to heal.