Princess Diana’s Body Might Be Moved To London After Rumors Brother Has Not Kept Up Burial Site

There is increasing speculation that Diana, Princess of Wales’ remains will be moved to London for several troubling reasons. Her family of origin, the Spencers, insist that Princess Diana is interred at Althorp, the family estate, on a private island in a crypt, but many people claim that is not true. The site is there for paying visitors to see and pay their respects, but Diana’s remains might be elsewhere. From attempted grave robbings to the suggestion that Princess Diana’s brother, Earl Spencer, has neglected the upkeep of Diana’s burial site at Althorp, there is an alleged push to move Diana to London, closer to her sons Prince William and Prince Harry on or around the 20th anniversary of her death.

Over the last few years, there has been some controversy, with complaints being made about the way Earl Spencer was keeping Princess Diana’s burial area, considering that he and the Althorp Estate were making money from visitors. Princess Diana is buried in an area called the Oval Lake within Althorp Park’s Pleasure Garden. In advance of the 20th anniversary, the wife of Earl Spencer is overseeing a renovation of the Oval Lake, as they are expecting a surge of visitors to pay their respects to Princess Diana at Althorp.

But visitors to the site have been putting pressure on Earl Spencer for years, including Princess Diana’s personal chef, Darren McGrady, who was saddened to see the state of the site.

“Sad to see Earl Spencer has neglected Diana’s resting place. Please tidy up the vegetation on the island.”

A representative for the Althorp Estate responded, saying that because of the proximity to the pond, they were having trouble with algae due to the warm weather.

“The algae was present last year because of that summer’s exceptional heat – something that has not recurred this year. The island where the late Princess is buried has always had a full growth of mature trees, which give a rich panoply of foliage in the summer, which intentionally lends privacy to the Princess’s final resting place.”

They admitted that the Temple is maintained on just an annual basis.

Even with the portion of the estate dedicated to Princess Diana, some are suggesting that Diana’s remains are not even on the Althorp Estate due to attempted grave robbings. Earl Spencer says that so far, no vandals have been successful.

“We have had four attempted break-ins toward her body in the last 20 years. I am glad that we have seen all of them off.”

At this time, Princess Diana’s body is said to be at St. Mary’s Church in the village of Great Brington. Princess Diana is entombed next to the cremated remains o f her father, the 8th Earl Spencer. She is said to be surrounded by a spiked iron fence and motion detectors. However, visitors to Althorp are not being told that Princess Diana is no longer on site and are paying $23 a head to visit. A source at Althorp thinks this is wrong and anonymously blew the whistle.

“The church was considered as her burial place. It made sense to have the island as the place where she is ‘buried’ because it is more secure. No one working on the estate now was at the funeral, so we all believe what we are told. It’s just better that we keep our mouths shut!”

The lack of upkeep to the tomb, combined with the questions about whether Princess Diana is even at Althorp, is said to have started the call for proposals to move Princess Diana to London, which would move her closer to her sons, Prince William and Prince Harry. Althorp is 70 miles from London, and sources think that she should be closer to other prominent tourist areas.


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A source from Straight Shuter claims that the family, including Princes William and Harry, want to move Princess Diana to London.

“But now there is talk within the family about moving her to London where it will be easier for folks to visit the People’s Princess. The crowds of tourist have never descended upon her final resting place in the numbers they had hoped. No decision has been made yet, but it seems like the right time to return Diana to London where her children are.”

Moving remains, especially those which are not buried in the ground (Princess Diana is entombed in a burial vault), is not considered a difficult undertaking.

What do you think is really going on with Princess Diana’s burial site? Do you think Prince William and Prince Harry will move Princess Diana to London?

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