Dick’s Sporting Goods Suspends Gun Sales In Newtown Area Mall

Dick’s Sporting Goods pulled all of its guns from the store nearest Newtown where the Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre occurred. The sporting goods chain has also suspended the sale of specific semi-automatic weapons nationwide.

No guns will be available for sale at the Dick’s Sporting Goods store in the Danbury Fail Mall. The shopping center is located approximately 13 miles from Newtown, NJ.com notes. A statement released by the major retailer called the decision to remove semi-automatic weapons from store shelves a show of respects for the Sandy Hook victims and their families.

An excerpt from the statement reads:

“We continue to extend our deepest sympathies to those affected by this terrible tragedy. At this time, reports that the suspect visited one of our stores last week have not been confirmed by law enforcement. Based on our records, we can confirm that no firearms were sold to the suspect identified in this case.”

The Dick’s statement also noted that America is in a state of national mourning. It is currently unknown if this is the first time that the company has suspended gun sales in the wake of a mass shooting tragedy, according to CNN.

The no guns policy at Dick’s Sporting Goods statement did not include an end date for the suspension of gun sales. There are reportedly 511 stores in 44 states. Weapons typically sold at Dick’s locations include, rifles, shotguns, youth and small frame rifles and shotguns, and various forms of ammunition, according to the company website. All weapons are reportedly sold in store only with an option for special ordering of guns and accessories not found on the shelves.