‘Pokemon GO’ Petition Demanding Fair Game Play In Raid System

Just a year ago, Pokemon GO became one of the most exciting new games on the market. People were leaving their homes, getting out into the real world and hunting down fictional monsters. It seemed a great way to get people out of their houses and forcing them to exercise while playing a fun and addictive game.

The Rise of Pokemon GO

One year later and Pokemon GO is almost as infamous as it is fun. Just a few weeks ago, a one-year celebration turned into mass confusion and lawsuits resulted from fans who made a long trip to Chicago only to find things were not as well planned out as originally thought.

Now, fans are demanding that Pokemon GO developers, Niantic, make changes to their Raid System, with a new Pokemon GO petition calling the system unfair to gamers. The petition was put up at change.org and has over 9,000 supporters as of press time.

The Pokemon GO petition accuses Niantic of taking advantage of gamers and fans financially. What was once a great game to get people out of their homes and more active has turned into something that sucks money out of people’s accounts – especially for those who love the new Raid System.

Of course, this is capitalism and Niantic has every right to make money off of their game. However, some fans feel it has gone too far.

'Pokemon GO' Petition Demanding Fair Game Play In Raid System

The Pokemon GO Raid System

The Pokemon GO Raid System has been hugely popular for gamers and fans alike. It was one of the biggest draws for the botched Chicago anniversary celebration. This is one of the big ways to get legendary characters.

Ever since the Pokemon GO Raid System hit this summer, the game became even more popular than before. It ranked at the top of both Apple and Google Play “Top Grossing Apps” charts ever since its release. Niantic is making a lot of money and some fans want the bleeding stopped.

The first demand in the Pokemon GO petition is for Niantic to make the first three levels of raids free in the game. Players get one Raid Pass free per day and all additional Raid Passes are $1 of in-game currency. Each pass can only be used once.

According to the petition, trainers could spend up to $20 a week and this means that many players will stop playing Raids because of how much it costs. By having the first three lower levels free, more players would play and then maybe spend the money on higher raids.

The second request in the Pokemon GO petition is to have more free passes or possibly allow premium passes. Another option could be to allow gamers to accumulate passes in their item’s bag.

[Featured Image by Niantic]