‘Dragon Ball Super’ News: See Goku’s New Super Saiyan Form

Huge things are about to happen to Goku in the next few episode of Dragon Ball Super. While there have been growing rumors that Goku and Universe 7 might not even win the Tournament of Power, it looks like the popular fighting hero will soon get a major power-up. Yonkou Productions recently posted a photo on Twitter from V-Jump that shows fans exactly what Goku will look like in this new Super Saiyan form.

Goku and his Super Saiyan forms

It has just been over a week since Goku voice-actor Yoshita Toshio revealed the spoilers that the Super Saiyan God was coming back in Dragon Ball Super Episode 104. This will be the first time that Goku used the Super Saiyan God since Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods when he used it to beat God of Destruction Beerus.

However, the photo from V-Jump that is embedded below looks nothing like the Super Saiyan God, and it appears that this is a completely different Super Saiyan form for Goku. That makes sense because Goku moved away from the Super Saiyan God for the more powerful Super Saiyan Blue, so this might be another chance to power-up even stronger in a future episode of Dragon Ball Super.

Goku and Hit have a new bond

From the synopsis of Dragon Ball Super Episode 104, Goku will save Hit during a battle with Dyspo. Fans will remember that Hit saved Goku once before, and he repaid the debt. This looks like it will mean that Hit will now owe Goku, but it also looks like it might help Goku grow in power as he nears a battle against Jiren.

With Jiren and Dyspo both fighting for Universe 11, it seems that Goku is setting himself up to battle Jiren and might have an ally from Universe 6 thanks to the upcoming clash with Dyspo.

What is the new Super Saiyan?

There was a note added to the photo in V-Jump that slightly described the new Super Saiyan form that Goku will take on in Dragon Ball Super.

“A certain transformation appears in the latest visual…?! Finally, a visual where Goku faces forward! His eyes shine silver, and he wears a stern expression.”

The new Goku Super Saiyan form has a white-blue aura around it, and his eyes have turned silver. This is very interesting because it looks similar to Zamasu. This could mean that Goku could become an actual Kai in this latest transformation.

Dragon Ball Super Episode 104 airs on Aug. 20, and that is when fans can see the Goku Super Saiyan God transformation. There is no word on when the new form will come to life though.

[Featured Image by Toei Animation]