Largest Solar Panel Plant In U.S. Gets Ready To Go Live

The DesotoNext GenerationSolar Energy Center is about to go live with 25 megawatts of power at a cost of nearly $150 million. The plant, for the time being will be the largest Solar Power producing facility in the states. Although it is only one of three solar plant projects developed by Florida Power Light.

The plant, located in Florida may look huge in the photograph on this page, but it’s only a fraction of the under construction neighboring plant also being built by Florida Power Light in neighboring Arcadia which will offer three times the size at 75 mega watts when completed.

When the plant goes live on Tuesday President Barack Obama is expected to be in attendance and take a tour of the new plant which will provide power to a fraction of the regions nearly 4 million customers.

While the Florida projects are large, new plants soon to be announced by Texas and California are expected to eclipse the size of Florida projects.