Heather Heyer’s Mother Says She Will Never Speak To Trump About The Death Of Her Daughter In Charlottesville

Susan Bro, the mother of activist Heather Heyer, who died when a neo-Nazi allegedly slammed into her at a rally, has adamantly stated that she is not interested in speaking to Donald Trump, no matter how many times he tries to reach out to her.

Her biggest issue with President Trump is that he has not condemned white supremacy, and likened Heather Heyer to the KKK by stating that there was “violence on both sides.” Those who have seen the footage of neo-Nazi James Fields, Jr. allegedly running into Heyer, which was broadcast in a Vice documentary, are well aware that he reportedly ran his car at full speed into protesters who were not doing anything but standing there. With several people injured, Heather Heyer is the only one thus far to have lost her life in the accident.

Susan Bro says that Trump has reached out to her several times to attempt to speak with her about her daughter’s death and offer condolences. In a Good Morning America interview, Bro stated that Trump had even reached out to her during Heather’s funeral, which she found extremely inappropriate. And although several press secretaries have tried to get the pair to connect, Bro is not interested.

At first, Susan Bro said that she was not anxious to speak to President Trump because she was exhausted from dealing with her daughter’s death. She was also attending meetings during the week to help establish Heather Heyer’s foundation to ensure that the death of her daughter was not in vain. However, after hearing him compare Heyer to the KKK, as stated above, Trump’s words have removed all interest that she had in wanting to call back the press secretaries or be connected to the president.

No one ion Trump’s administration, or Donald Trump himself, has visited Charlottesville in the wake of the tragedy.

Susan Bro has said that she wishes she had not had to lose her daughter, but since she did have to “give her up,” she will not let her death be in vain. Instead, Bro will continue fighting for the cause that her daughter died fighting for.

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