Al Gore To President Trump: Resign [Video]

President Donald Trump is getting one word of advice from former Vice President Al Gore: resign. As seen in the below video from LADBible, Gore was asked what kind of advice he would give to President Trump. That’s when Gore simply told President Trump to resign from the presidency. Gore isn’t the first politico to advise Trump to resign, or predict that President Trump will quit. According to Tony Schwartz, the man who co-authored Trump’s best-selling The Art of the Deal, Trump will likely quit the presidency and take an immunity deal in order to avoid jail, as reported by the Inquisitr.

According to the Huffington Post, the below video interview with Gore was uploaded on the Internet on Thursday, and now Gore is going viral with his one-word answer for President Trump. Gore notably lost his bid for the presidency in 2000, when former President George W. Bush won. Gore moved on to make award-winning documentaries about climate changes, and made his comments about President Trump when promoting the new movie, An Inconvenient Sequel.

As seen in the above photo, Gore stopped by Trump Tower to talk about climate change with then President-Elect Trump on December 5, 2016.

Gore hoped that his “productive session” with Trump, according to the New York Times, would result in positive climate change measures made in the future. However, since that time, Gore has admitted that the meeting with Trump was not as productive as Gore had wished it to be.

“I went to Trump Tower after the election. I thought that there was a chance he would come to his senses. But I was wrong.”

However, even after Gore’s meeting with President-Elect Donald Trump at Trump Tower ended up as a disappointment, Gore still has a message for the general public on how to deal with climate change. Gore warns that big businesses are falsely attempting to reassure people that climate change is not real, in an effort to stop grassroot movements from bringing attention to the climate crisis. According to Gore, those who are polluting the environment have vested financial interests in keeping people ignorant of the climate crisis, but that people can use their individual voices and the power of their vote to combat such measures and fight to make the world better. Gore also noted that he has been a vegan for the past five years.

[Featured Image by Kevin Hagen/Getty Images]