Ryan Edwards Caught Sending Racy Photos To Woman On Tinder, Says He’s ‘Married But Likes To Have Fun’

Despite only having been married a few months, Ryan Edwards has been caught cheating on his wife, Mackenzie Standifer. The YouTube channel, The Grace Report, previously reported that Ryan had been sending suggestive messages to women online, but the content creator was asked to remove it after the tipster claimed Ryan was threatening her.

Yesterday, it was reported on the Inquisitr that Ryan Edwards had sent another woman suggestive messages via Tinder and asked her if she was “down to f**k.”

More screenshots of the conversation have since been released, in which Ryan Edwards asks the woman in question if he can see her private parts. Although it is unclear if she obliged, Ryan then sent photos of his penis to her twice in the conversation.

At one point, the woman, who has evidently seen Teen Mom OG, asks Edwards if he is married. He answers in the affirmative, but says that he also likes to have a little fun on the side.

The conversation continued where Ryan Edwards asked the woman to participate in sexual activity, and tried to engage her in phone sex.

The woman says in the conversation that she was thinking about going over to Ryan’s house to hook up as he claimed Mackenzie was out of town, but she ultimately decided not to.

There have been other women who have come forward saying that they have texted with Ryan, but it has been quickly shoved under the rug. The first woman to leak screenshots of her conversation with Ryan Edwards stated that she didn’t feel like she was the only one Ryan was sending inappropriate messages to, but she couldn’t be certain. She also says that nothing happened between the pair, either, even though Ryan insisted on the pair getting together “for some fun.”

Ryan Edwards made headlines recently after it was revealed that the Teen Mom OG star was suffering from a drug addiction. The father of one was caught on camera driving to his own wedding so high that he could barely even control the car he was driving. MTV stated that they do not support this kind of behavior after they came under fire for allowing him to drive under the influence.


[Featured Image by Mackenzie Standifer/Instagram]