Bachelor Nation Love Story: Juelia Kinney Finds Love With Fan Favorite’s Brother

Everyone that has been on The Bachelor or The Bachelorette is considered part of Bachelor Nation. People find love in a lot of crazy ways through this show. Some meet on the show, others meet on Bachelor in Paradise and sometimes you end up with a family member of someone on the show. Juelia Kinney is someone that the fans have really enjoyed watching since they heard her story. Now, she is sharing that she has found love and it just happens to be with a fan favorite’s brother.

Juelia went to her Instagram to share the news. In this pic, she didn’t share many details, but she did tag Aaron Bass. She said that he was a keeper and even knows how to order her sushi. It turns out that Aaron Bass is Evan Bass’ brother. Evan just got married to Carly Waddell and Juelia was a part of their wedding just like Aaron was in the wedding.

She also shared another picture with Aaron that shared a few more details. You can see that they are together at the wedding. It sounds like they met at Carly and Evan’s wedding, but they may have known each other a bit before this as well. She said that this night was “magical” for her. After that, Juelia went on to explain that they ran off to kiss on the beach after this picture. She is obviously very happy for how things worked out for them. Evan teased this earlier this week on Twitter, but didn’t give very many details as you can see below.

It is always great to see another couple find their happily ever after and Juelia seems pretty sure she has found hers. Everyone is going to just have to wait to see if these two can work it out, but don’t expect to see Juelia on any upcoming seasons of The Bachelor or Bachelor in Paradise.

Are you surprised to hear that Juelia Kenney has found love with Aaron Bass? Do you think that this is a great couple? Sound off in the comments section below, and don’t miss new episodes of Bachelor in Paradise on Monday nights on ABC.

[Featured Image by Juelia Kinney/Instagram]