Farrah Abraham Forgot Her Daughter In A Store Once, Fans Are Livid At ‘Teen Mom OG Star’

Farrah Abraham once forgot her daughter, Sophie, at a store, and fans are livid at the Teen Mom OG star for this dangerous lapse in judgement, In Touch Weekly is reporting.

It’s not clear when or where Farrah forgot about poor Soph, or how she lost her. Best we can figure, she somehow forgot about her and made it all the way to her car before realizing her mistake.

As you may or may not know, in addition to her Teen Mom OG checks, Farrah has a side business shilling nutritional supplements. One such supplement is Focus Factor, which she purports helps with memory and concentration. To drive home the point, so to speak, Farrah related how taking Focus Factor would have prevented the situation she found herself in when she lost track of Sophie.

“Ladies (and men) Ever returned to your car and realized you’ve left your child in the store! Omg, this happened once, but since starting @focus.factor Extra Strength there’s no way that will happen! You know I’m momma #1, this gal is getting Sh#% done!”

As you can expect, fans were not amused. The Teen Mom OG star’s Instagram feed was filled with disapproving comments from other parents.

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janay_maayneso @farrah__abraham you’re telling the entire world that you NEED some bs pills to REMEMBER YOU HAVE YOUR DAUGHTER WITH YOU WHEN YOU GO OUT TO A STORE? wow. don’t have anymore children please until you become an actual responsible adult.

ashleypi3rce My co-stars should learn from me” (forgets child in store)????????????

In Touch Weekly was quick to point out that Farrah herself may not have written the caption for that particular post, noting that advertisers themselves sometimes write copy when they shill their products on celebrities’ social media accounts. If that’s the case, then does it call into question whether Farrah ever forgot about Sophie at the store at all?

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If Farrah really did flake and forget about Soph in a store, how big of a deal is it? That’s hard to say. Obviously every parenting book ever written says to not take your eyes off of young children, ever, even for a second. That’s Chapter One stuff right there. But on the other hand, every parent ever has had a flaky moment. And while the news tells you about horrifying stories of things going wrong when parents forget their kids (abductions, hot car deaths, etc.), the news doesn’t tell you about the tens of thousands of parents who momentarily flaked, but whose kids weren’t harmed. So there’s that.

Do you think Farrah Abraham deserves the hate she’s getting for supposedly forgetting about her daughter in a store? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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