‘Little People, Big World’ Update: Jacob Roloff May Still Return To TLC Reality Series Despite Tell-All Book

Little People, Big World is a reality series on TLC that closely follows the lives of the members of the Roloff family. While reality shows are called as such because they are supposed to depict what is really happening in the lives of the stars starring in it, it looks like one member of the Roloff family is out to slam LPBW for its fakery. But does this mean Jacob is planning to return to the show?

Former Little People, Big World star Jacob Roloff made some noise after leaving the TLC reality series. As most fans can recall, Jacob refused to star in the show and said in a blog post that the series was “staged” and “fake.”

While it looks like Jacob has finally decided to move on from the show, it looks like he is ready to go into details and explain his claims that Little People, Big World is fake. Per Radar Online, Jacob will be telling his side of the story in his debut book, “Verbing.”

An excerpt from his upcoming book showed the positive and negative aspects of starring in the TLC reality series. According to Matt and Amy Roloff’s youngest son, the first few years of LPBW were “pretty alright” and there was nothing chaotic about being on the show since only a few people were there to film them at home and in the farm.


However, as the show went on, Jacob detailed that Little People, Big World went through a big change and instead of filming events as they unfold in real life, the series tried to stage events to make things a lot more interesting to the audience. This sudden change in the show’s production was one of Jacob’s main reasons for leaving the series.

“That phase went on for a while, too, until turning into the dominantly orchestrated ordeal it is today.”

Jacob also shared in his book that being on Little People, Big World has forced him to mature at such a young age, explaining that he had to answer several questions in front of the camera that wouldn’t have crossed his mind at that time. Jacob, however, added that while this is the case, he was able to learn a few things from the show, including coping well to unexpected circumstances.

There’s been quite a lot of buzz lately that Jacob might be returning to LPBW, as many believe that his decision to speak up may be a sign that he has already moved on and is ready to give the show another try. In Touch notes that Jacob also appears to be spending a lot more time with his parents and his siblings, especially after the wedding of his sister, Molly Roloff.

Many fans believe that Amy Roloff has been hinting on Jacob’s return to the show through several Instagram posts. Whatever the case, many fans hope that Jacob would find his way back to the show, as his addition would definitely make the series a lot more interesting.

Do you think it’s time for Jacob Roloff to return to Little People, Big World? What do you think of his claims that the show is fake?

[Featured Image by Jacob Roloff/Instagram]