Schoolboy Raped Five-Year-Old Sister Then Bribed Her With Bag Of Skittles

A 12-year-old boy admitted to repeatedly raping his younger sister during their hide-and-seek games and then bribing her to stay quiet with a bag of Skittles.

The schoolboy, now 13, made the admission at Brighton Youth Court. He confessed that he raped and inappropriately touched his half-sister.

According to The Independent, a significant amount of pornographic material was found on the boy’s mobile phone. District Judge Teresa Szagun was convinced by the victim’s account due to the details that were presented. She described the girl’s retelling of her experiences as “very factual and accurate.”

“She was able to tell me about those experiences very well. What she describes was you making her take off her skirt and pants, telling her not to tell, it was a secret, giving her sweets,” the judge said.

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At the hearing, the girl’s mother was unable to hold back her tears when she recalled her daughter’s story. While bathing, the victim said she wanted to tell her something that seemed serious. The mother found it out of the ordinary because “she didn’t normally say things with such an introductory manner.”

As per the girl, her brother offered her sweets in exchange of something. While she didn’t like what her brother did to her, she said she liked the sweets. She blamed her brother for making her like Skittles.

“She was clearly cross about that,” the mother said. The girl further said that her brother warned her not to tell her mom.

child playing hide and seek

The boy is set to undergo extensive psychological assessments to determine if he should go to jail. He was previously subjected to a series of assessments in a bid to determine if he could tell right from wrong.

child given lollipop

In U.K., the age of criminal responsibility is 10. Children aged 10 to 17 may be arrested and taken to youth court for crimes committed. However, their sentences are different from the ones given to adults and they are sent to special centers for young people instead of full-fledged adult prisons.

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