‘The Sinner’ Episode 4 Promo: Why Can’t Cora Tannetti Remember Those Missing Months? [Spoilers]

The Sinner Episode 4 will focus on Cora Tannetti (Jessica Biel) trying to recover her memories with Detective Ambrose’s (Bill Pullman) help. It is clear that something traumatic happened to Cora. In the beginning, it appeared to stem from her childhood. However, now it has been revealed that there are two months of Cora’s life that she cannot recall. What happened to her during that time that is making her mind block it out? Does it have anything to do with why she killed? Is this another twist that will lead to another shocking revelation in a whole different direction?

Possible spoilers might be ahead. Do not continue reading unless you want to know what to expect in the episode titled “Part IV.”

According to Spoiler TV, the promo for Episode 4 has been released. She seems genuinely baffled about her memory loss. She can’t remember what happened for two months of her life. Instead of fighting Ambrose on finding out the truth, she is now willing to try to recover those memories.

The synopsis was also published, which reveals that Ambrose will discover a new suspect. Who will it be and how is this person tied into Cora Tannetti’s past?

USA network’s official blog also revealed some information about what to expect in The Sinner. So far, Mason Tannetti (Christopher Abbott) has seemed numb. It is almost as if he is in a fog about what his wife did that fateful day. He is also in denial about a lot of things. However, in the last episode, he acted out. This seems to suggest that everything is coming to a boiling point for Mason. Showrunner Derek Simonds revealed that later in the season, Mason’s denial will be addressed.

“Part of Mason’s journey is actually when he’s faced with his world getting turned upside-down — it shocks him — and he realizes how complacent he’s been. He acts out not always in the most constructive ways over the course of the series.”

As for Mason and Cora Tannetti’s marriage, it will evolve in future episodes. Even though Jessica Biel’s character will be incarcerated, Mason discovers that there is an emotional world that he wasn’t in touch with previously.

As the Inquisitr previously reported, it was teased before the season began that there will be questions. One of those is what is real and what is imagined in Cora Tannetti’s mind? As each episode airs, the series is getting more complicated. Just when viewers think they have it figured out, they are given another curve ball.

What do you think is going to happen in The Sinner Episode 4?

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