Melissa McCarthy’s Weight Loss: ‘Ghostbusters’ Actress Follows Specific Meal Plan To Shed Over 75 Pounds

When Melissa McCarthy started to lose weight, people shifted from wanting to know her comedic punch line techniques to her weight loss diet secrets. Everyone remembers the Ghostbusters star as a plus-sized actress, but she is now trying to turn her life around and be a healthier version of herself.

Melissa McCarthy’s weight loss has been amazing and inspirational to those who are struggling with their weight. The 46-year-old comedienne’s amazing body transformation did not happen overnight; it was a result of her dedication and hard work.

To achieve her new slimmer figure, Melissa McCarthy follows a low-carb and high-protein diet. The funny actress starts her day with four scrambled egg whites and grilled chicken. She also makes sure she gets her greens by consuming a cup of veggies and drinking a spinach, apple, chia seed, and kale smoothie.

The Bridesmaids star will have a healthy snack for her second meal for the day at around 11 in the morning where she consumes wild cod and steamed broccoli. Melissa McCarthy then drinks a cup of green tea which is loaded with antioxidants and nutrients and is also believed to aid weight loss. She also makes a habit of drinking water with lemon.

Melissa McCarthy will then have grilled chicken breast, a blend of quinoa, carrots, celery, and red peppers for lunch. She will also drink another round of green tea at this time. For dinner, the Gilmore Girls actress will have steamed veggies, grass-fed beef, and a half avocado.

And for her fifth and final meal of the day, Melissa McCarthy may or may not eat some raw almonds and ground turkey if she gets a little hungry. The star also credits her weight loss to a high intensity interval training that helps her sweat out all the excess fat.

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Although Melissa McCarthy has lost a lot of weight, the Ghostbusters star has previously revealed that the best part of her weight loss journey is to finally feel like herself.

Melissa McCarthy was aware that her previous weight was just too much for her body and age to handle. Instead of leaving things as they were and just going on with her life, the actress decided to do something about her weight issues and turned to eating healthy and exercise that may have probably saved her life.

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