‘GoT Season 7 Finale: Will It Leak Too? A Recap Of Everything You Need To Know Before Episode 7 Comes

GoT Season 7 finale is right around the corner, but fans seem to be more concerned about Season 8 now that leakages of scripts and full unaired episodes run rampant online.

Warning: Possible spoilers and leak details ahead!

Diehard Game of Thrones fans are too excited to watch HBO’s highest-grossing TV series to the point of spreading leaked episodes like wild fire in a forest. While their intention might be good, the circulation of unofficially released videos is a violation of the law.

Still, HBO has its own fair share of fault in the matter because of the security breach that paved the way for the leakage of the fourth episode known as “The Spoils of War” as well as the recent emergence of videos of Sunday’s Episode 6 that was accidentally aired by HBO Spain, as previously reported by the Inquisitr.

Now, fans are waiting, not for the official release of the GoT Season 7 finale, but for the unofficial leak to surface. After all, HBO is in the midst of a massive security problem since hackers dropped “bits and pieces of data” stolen from them in “a game [HBO] is not going to participate in,” per a report from Express UK.

Even so, hackers, who call themselves “OurMine,” was able to hack the show’s official social media accounts for a short time before HBO was able to take back control of the platforms, Express UK said in a separate report.

On top of that, social media “secret groups” for Game of Thrones fans are also sharing what they claim to be the leaked script for Season 8, particularly this Facebook group in the Philippines. According to the post, the eighth and final season of the show will start off with the beginning of the war against the walkers, which means the GoT Season 7 finale will finally show how the White Walkers get past The Wall. It also states that the Daenerys’ and Jon’s armies are banding together with the Lannisters to fight off their common enemy.

Despite this, the cast and crew of the show remain tight-lipped about spoilers for the series in order to protect those who haven’t given in to their excitement and wait for the official release of episodes for the shortest season of Game of Thrones yet.

Of course, the usual teasers like the official photos of Episode 6 titled “Beyond The Wall” featured by Entertainment Weekly have already been released three days prior to its official TV debut, based on the company’s official timeline.

On top of that, Kit Harington, who plays Jon Snow, also revealed that next week’s GoT Season 7 finale will be the show’s longest episode yet with more than 80 minutes worth of airtime.

Speaking to the Hollywood Foreign Press Association as cited by Express UK, the 30-year-old British actor described the seventh and final episode of the Game of Thrones‘ penultimate season as “incredible,” hinting that it will “set the template for next year.” Check out the rest of his interview below.

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