Ben Affleck’s Camp Responds To Rumors Of The Actor’s Absence From Matt Reeves’ ‘The Batman’

Ben Affleck has been associated with the role of Batman, but the recent statement of his brother, Casey Affleck, dropped the bombshell that the actor might stop playing the role of the iconic superhero. To clear up the rumors, Ben Affleck’s camp issued a statement saying the actor will “continue to be Batman as long as the studio will have him.”

Affleck’s appearance in the upcoming Batman film by Matt Reeves is yet to be confirmed. Based on his camp’s statement, it appears that the decision whether Ben Affleck will reprise the role of Batman for the standalone film focusing on the Dark Knight lies with Warner Bros. As noted in CinemaBlend, Casey Affleck made the remark about Ben’s portrayal of the caped superhero as an offhand remark.

Ben Affleck played the role of the Dark Knight for two DC Extended Universe films, and his third appearance will be in the Justice League movie which is scheduled to air on November 17. Since Matt Reeves will be the director of The Batman movie, fans were concerned Ben Affleck will no longer be part of any DCEU franchise after Justice League. Affleck tried to reassure fans during the San Diego Comic-Con by stating how he felt like he is the “luckiest guy in the world” since he gets to play Batman.

With Ben Affleck’s positive comments about Warner Bros. and Matt Reeves during the panel, fans took this as an indication that he will continue to play a big role in the DCEU. It was only until Casey Affleck released his statement that fans started to think the actor would hang up his cape for good. It should also be noted that Casey took back his earlier comment on Ben’s involvement in the standalone Batman movie. He admitted that he had no firsthand knowledge of the developments of Matt Reeves’ The Batman, and he was just making things up.

Warner Bros. is yet to release the details of The Batman standalone film including the actor who would play Bruce Wayne. However, based on the latest reports, Reeves will start from scratch for the standalone Batman film.

Reeves revealed he wants to bring out Batman’s crime-solving abilities to the big screen to show the detective version of Batman. By highlighting Batman’s knack for solving crime, the movie will paint a picture of his character. Since The Batman is reported to be one of the priority projects of Warner Bros., there would definitely be news whether Affleck will continue playing Batman or not. As of now, the actor’s fans can look forward to seeing Ben Affleck in action as Batman in Justice League.

[Featured Image by Bryan Bedder/Getty Images]