Dez Bryant Surgery: Cowboys Wide Receiver Will Require Bone Graft

Dez Bryant will require surgery on a finger injury, with many expecting the Dallas Cowboy to receive a bone graft.

Following Dallas’ 27-24 overtime win over the Steelers, which Bryant played a role in, Cowboys owner Jerry Jones told the Fort Worth Star-Telegram that Dez Bryant’s surgery may involve doctors using the wide receiver’s own bone tissue:

“Dez is going to have, more than likely, bone taken off his hip and put into that index finger joint. It is a fracture, but it’s not a ligament [injury]. Make no mistake, he has a serious injury. He certainly is playing with some risks, but he was inspirational out there to everybody involved in this organization.”

When told about Jones’ remark, it seems Bryant didn’t get that particular memo:

“Well, if [Jerry Jones] wasn’t kidding, I’m also not playing neither. Nobody touching my hip. I’m telling you right now. You can get a piece of bone from somebody else. You’re not touching my hip.”

Despite his injured finger, the wide receiver playing a big role in Sunday’s win. Bryant caught four passes for a tidy 59 yards in the game including a key 24-yard touchdown in the third quarter. However, there were moments when he might have been holding back, the injury playing on his mind. On a third down play late in the fourth quarter, Bryant couldn’t complete a Tony Romo pass that he’d usually be expected to make.

Dez Bryant’s surgery can’t come too soon for the Cowboys. The 24-year-old has enjoyed a fine season, helping to ensure Dallas are in control of their own destiny in the NFC East with two games to play.