Trump’s Black Ex-Girlfriend Kara Young Talks, As KKK ‘New Yorker’ Cover Joins Controversial ‘Economist’ Cover

Kara Young and President Donald Trump dated years ago, with the biracial model being in the middle of a love triangle between Trump and A.J. Benza, when the men argued over Kara in 2001, on Howard Stern’s radio show, as reported by the Inquisitr. Now Kara’s name is being resurrected with Trump’s name in the wake of the president being accused of not towing a hard enough line against white supremacists.

The Economist pictured Trump with a white bullhorn that looked like a KKK hood. The below cover of the New Yorker shows President Trump blowing a white sail with eye holes that also looks like a KKK hood. Reports about Donald Trump’s father, Fred Trump, being arrested in the wake of a 1927 KKK riot are also making the rounds.

Google Trends reports that searches are up for Kara’s name, as well as searches for the cover of Time, TheEconomist, and the New Yorker, which all have a theme that links Trump or his followers with racist imagery, be it the KKK or Nazi salutes. The New York Times asked how Trump’s black friends feel about him as a person, and whether or not they think he has racist leanings. Therefore, Kara’s viewpoints about the time she talked about her race with Trump are being highlighted.

Kara dated Trump for two years, and said that she spoke about her race with him during that time. When Young spoke about being the product of black and white parents, Trump likened her to Derek Jeter. Young said that she never heard Trump speak disparagingly against any race of people. Young defended Trump, but didn’t include his fondness of black celebrity as a reason for him having an open-mind when it comes to racial issues.

Kara noted that it is easier for a person to be with his or her “own kind,” but that Trump found it interesting to meet and hang out with people like Russell Simmons and Sean Combs. Young said it wasn’t in her realm of experiences to find Trump racist. Although Kara dated Trump almost 20 years ago, she has added her insight to the events she experienced with Trump as a vehicle for viewing his present day beliefs.

Kara’s mom is black and her father is white, and she said that Trump was surprised that lots of black people came to the U.S. Open to see Venus and Serena Williams play tennis. Kara wouldn’t give her exact age, but revealed that she is about 20 years younger than the 71-year-old Trump, and dated him in 1997. However, Young did admit that she was “horrified” by Trump’s comments in the wake of the Virginia tragedy wherein the president seemed to equate white nationalists with those protesting their actions.

[Featured Image by Steven Henry/Getty Images]