‘Evil Things’: New Paranormal Series Debuts After ‘Kindred Spirits’ Season 2 Premiere Next Month

Paranormal fans can look forward to the return of Amy Bruni and Adam Berry next month in their latest series, Kindred Spirits, but TLC has a whole new paranormal show debuting right after those celebrity ghost hunters. Evil Things debuts on September 15 with a new take on the paranormal investigation series format. Instead of investigating haunted places with celebrity ghost hunters, Evil Things will focus on two stories each episode of everyday people claiming to have had encounters with haunted objects.

Could this be the influence of films like The Conjuring and the Annabelle series, based on a true story featuring an allegedly haunted doll that was owned by real paranormal investigators, Ed and Lorraine Warren? While there are bound to be plenty of haunted dolls in upcoming episodes, the press screening of the Evil Things premiere focused on two very different haunted objects.

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In the first Evil Things story, college student, Lindsay, gets a dream trip to Europe as a present from her parents. She meets a handsome young American and accepts his invitation for a motorcycle ride that turns tragic. After a severe eye injury, Lindsay needs a cornea transplant to save her eye and her vision. As anyone who has ever seen a horror film might guess, Lindsay starts seeing strange things with her new cornea. Are her visions simply an overactive imagination, or are they something more sinister related to her accident? Or something else altogether?

haunted cornea transplant

In the second story of the Evil Things premiere, you get the typical “young couple buys a new house and something isn’t right” scenario. But this haunting seems to revolve around a set of video tapes found walled up in the attic. As the husband becomes more obsessed with watching the creepy tapes, more and more paranormal phenomena occur, particularly involving his wife.

Evil Things haunted videos

Evil Things features re-enactments of events, like some other popular paranormal TV series, relating firsthand accounts of ghostly occurrences and haunted locations. But this is the first paranormal show to focus exclusively on haunted objects.

Evil Things debuts September 15 at 10 p.m. (ET) on TLC, right after the Season 2 premiere of Kindred Spirits at 9 p.m. (ET). Turn out the lights for some Friday night frights.

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