Chelsea Handler Accused Of Backstabbing BFF Jennifer Aniston By Going After Brad Pitt

Chelsea Handler has been accused of getting close to the newly single actor, Brad Pitt. Upon seeing that headline, however, you might immediately wonder why in the world Handler, who is best friends with Pitt’s first wife, Jennifer Aniston, would ever do such a thing.

Handler and Aniston have one of the strongest friendships in Hollywood and have been there for each other through thick and thin, so any rumors that Handler has been hanging around Pitt should certainly make you do a double take. It sounds like this was an attempt to stir the currently-quiet-Pitt-pot, but the story was quickly debunked.

Fortunately, there’s no truth to the story, which was published by Radar Online. The gossip site took a report from Naughty Gossip, claiming that Handler and Pitt were “cozying up” to one another and that they were working on some joint projects. However, Gossip Cop reports that neither site is credible and that there’s no truth to the rumors. Handler isn’t “becoming friends” with Brad Pitt, despite what you might have read. And if that “cozying up” thing was supposed to trick people into thinking that Handler was going after her best friend’s ex? It didn’t work.

Since Pitt’s divorce from actress Angelina Jolie, he has been linked to a variety of A-listers, including Sienna Miller and Kate Hudson. However, he hasn’t gone public with any woman, and sources close to him say that he is focused on his kids and adjusting to being a single dad. Things with Jolie haven’t been easy, to say the least, and dating doesn’t seem to be something that he is thinking too much about at this point.

Meanwhile, Jolie’s dating life hasn’t been too much of a concern for the media. She is raising her kids and staying out of the public eye as best as she can.

Brad Pitt at the Okja premiere

Do you think that Chelsea Handler and Brad Pitt would ever become friends? Do you think that Jennifer Aniston would be cool if the two ended up having a professional relationship? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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