Samoa Joe Explains Why He Wears A Towel To The Ring

The wardrobe of a professional wrestler has been an essential part of one’s character for decades. From the red and yellow of Hulk Hogan to the extravagant robes of Ric Flair, top names take pride in adding pizzazz to their personas to increase its stock. Even Dusty Rhodes became popular by wearing yellow polka dots to the ring.

For Samoa Joe, his hard-hitting, no-nonsense character is best suited to being less flashy with his choice of garb, but portraying more of a wrestling style mixture of Dick Murdoch and Jerry Brisco.

One of the trademarks of Joe to further show that he is all about business is his decision to bring a towel with him to the ring, draped over his neck. With laser-like eyes, the display of the towel along with his shorts has more of a boxing or Mixed Martial Arts appeal to it.

In a recent interview with For the Win, Joe actually confirmed that a boxing legend was his inspiration, and he also mentioned the other reasons why he wears a towel.

“I think partially it was the grapplers that I enjoyed wore a towel to the ring and they looked like they were ready to rock and roll. Mike Tyson used to come out with the towel poncho. I didn’t get the towel poncho. Just the towel. It’s something I just started to do and never stopped.”

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For the Win confirmed that the towels are not being stolen from local hotels, and Joe laughed at this notion. He stated that there is a roster of towels, but Joe did not disclose where he got them.

Samoa Joe has a chance of winning his first championship on the main roster since debuting on Raw on January 30 of this year by attacking Seth Rollins. Since then, Joe has garnered an impressive win-loss record on the main roster, defeating names such as Sami Zayn and Cesaro, as well as former world champions such as Chris Jericho, Roman Reigns, Finn Balor, and Seth Rollins.

While giving Brock Lesnar one of his toughest tests of the year, Joe fell short of becoming the champion in their match at Great Balls of Fire.

At SummerSlam, Joe will have another opportunity to face Lesnar but with Reigns and Braun Strowman included in a Fatal 4-Way.

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