Josh Duggar Will Always Be Known As A ‘Molester’ In Arkansas Hometown

Josh Duggar is a sensitive subject among fans of the family. There are two different groups of people who watch Counting On who believe very different things. One group believes that Duggar has redeemed himself through forgiveness and rehab for sex addiction, while the other believes that he was fully aware of his misdeeds and had no regard for who he hurt under his guise of lies. It is a tense topic, one that often erupts in a debate of religion versus common sense.

It has been a few months since Josh Duggar dominated the headlines. Last winter when it was announced that he was having another child with wife Anna, he was immediately dragged through the coals. She caught her fair share of judgment too, with critics wondering how she could have taken him back after the scandals of 2015. Now, he is back in the media due to the impending birth of the couple’s fifth child. According to the Hollywood Gossip, a source that was once close to the family says that Josh Duggar will always be known as a molester to the people in the small town where he grew up. This isn’t surprising considering how many people feel about him two years after he suffered two sex-related scandals. What he did to his younger sisters almost two decades ago won’t easily be forgotten thanks to leaked police reports.

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Talk about the incident still occurs in Arkansas even though it happened many, many years ago. Josh Duggar is reportedly going to be forever branded by the incidents that happened when he was a teenager. The source told the publication that things may have been different had Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar went through the proper channels of the law. Unfortunately, that isn’t something that can be proven. Since exiting rehab in 2016, Duggar has not been seen in public much. In fact, his first big reappearance came when the family took pictures together and they were shared on the Duggar family blog. Shortly after, it was announced that they were expecting their fifth child.

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The network that carries the Duggar family show drew a line in the sand with Josh Duggar. Initially, they canceled their show but ended up rebranding them with the sisters at the helm of the show. Counting On has been on since December 2015, with only one name change since. Josh is not allowed to be seen on camera and has been edited out of major events so that the network doesn’t lose sponsors. It appears that even though Duggar did these things as a minor, the people where he lives aren’t as forgiving as the family would like. Being dubbed “Josh the molester” is a huge deal.

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