‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Franco’s Past Will Be Revealed, Will Friz Survive?

Roger Howarth is now back on General Hospital and he had a sweet reunion with his girl, Elizabeth Webber. His character of Franco Baldwin was in New York City taking care of some business for over a month as the actor was on a hiatus because of stalled contract negotiations. Now that it has all been worked out, Franco can get on with his life in Port Charles. However, there could be some trouble ahead for him and Elizabeth soon.

Franco has a dark past that has affected many people in town, especially Jason and Sam. A brain tumor was the cause of his destructive behavior, but he is now starting a new life. Unfortunately, his past will be coming back to haunt him. General Hospital spoilers tease that his paintings will trigger some painful memories for Franco.

According to Soap Central, he will be confronting Ava Jerome to help him with something. Ava owns an art gallery, so it will most likely have something to do with his paintings. Of course, she is having her own crisis right now with her scarred face from the fire and having to make a decision on whether to take Valentin Cassadine up on his offer to fix it. Will she be willing to help Franco out?

On Wednesday’s episode of General Hospital, Liz was surprised when she discovered her guy was back in town. You could tell how happy she was to have him back. Franco did seem to be a little more subdued than usual, and when she asked him about how things went in New York, he didn’t give out very much information. He just told her that everyone got compensation for the damages that he caused and that he brought home a few of his leftover paintings. He quickly told her that he didn’t want to talk about it right then.

In the previews for Friday’s episode, Franco is shown taking one of his paintings out and attempting to destroy it. He looks to be quite disturbed by them. Kiki walks in and tells him to stop. Will he confess his past to her or keep everything to himself?

His past seems to be quite complicated and General Hospital is bringing it to the forefront. He is still struggling with what he did to people in his past and those paintings are now triggering those horrible memories for him. The tumor was the cause of his path to destruction, but his past may have brought it all to a head.

Franco has Elizabeth and Kiki to help him through his upcoming crisis. Friz fans are hoping that Franco’s past will not get in the way of his romance with Liz. If anyone can help him through, it will be Elizabeth.

What do you think Franco’s past will reveal? Keep watching General Hospital to see what develops.

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