Van Plows In Las Ramblas Crowd In Barcelona, Spain: 2 Armed Men Shoot Guns In Placa Catalunya Terrorist Attack

As seen in photos flowing into the Getty Images gallery of photos from Barcelona, police stood by vehicles in a section that has been blocked off in the wake of a white with blue writing van plowing into a crowd on the sidewalk in a popular tourist section. The van has injured several people, according to the CNN report below, after the van drove onto the Rambla in Barcelona on Thursday, August 17. In the wake of the van ramming people in the Barcelona crash, reports of two armed men entering a restaurant after the terrorist attack also broke, as reported by CNN.

The men who were in the white van with blue writing allegedly entered an eatery and shot guns after the van rammed people. Adults and children ran as the van attacked others, and CNN reported that at least a dozen injuries occured. Shots were fired in an eatery in the popular tourist area, with police warning others to stay away from the area. The Twitter account is urging people in the Barcelona and Rambles area to use social media networks to let their family and friends know that they are okay so as not to cause the phone lines to collapse.

With the street in Barcelona being a popular tourist destination, packed with people during a summer day like that of August 17, the fear is that the amount of injuries could be great. It is very worrying to authorities that the armed men have allegedly gone into an eatery, armed with guns, wherein gunshots could then be heard ringing out.

People are reportedly hiding from the two armed men, who have injured people in what police in Barcelona are calling a terrorist attack on Barcelona’s famous Las Ramblas boulevard.

Authorities are working on getting the area clear and safe in the wake of the van incident.

On Twitter, the #Barcelona hashtag is currently the top trending item, with photos and videos emerging of the melee after people were injured when the van hit pedestrians in Barcelona, and the situation about the armed men is being brought under control.

[Featured Image by Manu Fernandez/AP Images]