Justin Bieber’s Hamster Is Apparently Alive And Well In Alabama

Justin Bieber’s former pet hamster PAC is reportedly doing very well in the hands of its new owner, according to Cinema Blend.

Fans were stunned when the Canadian pop star decided to hand over the little critter to one of his admirers after a recent concert in Atlanta. Although many believed Bieber was an irresponsible pet owner by handing over the hamster to a random individual, apparently the hamster is doing okay at its new home.

TMZ recently got in touch with PAC’s new 18-year-old owner Tori. While she said she was a little shocked that Bieber was willing to give up his pet hamster, the teenager said the animal is in good hands.

Tori explained to the website that PAC is currently living the good life at the family home in Alabama. As long as the pop star supports her efforts to care for the critter, Tori says she’ll make sure he lives comfortably until its dying day.

The Inquisitr previously reported that Bieber handed over PAC after signing some autographs at the Jingle Ball concert in Atlanta, Georgia. After approaching a group of screaming fans outside the venue, Bieber decided to hand the hamster over to Tori.

“That’s all you. You gotta take care of PAC,” Bieber said as he handed the little guy over.

“I will take care of him!” Tori shouted in response.

The entire exchange was captured on amateur video. Although it’s a little difficult to make out what’s going on, the clip has been included below for your viewing pleasure.

Animal lovers can now breathe a sigh of relief knowing that Bieber’s hamster didn’t get squashed on the way home that evening.

“Lets face it, this hamster has got it made now. I’m not sure what really constitutes as luxurious living for a hamster, but whatever is, PAC is doing just fine,” one TMZ reader commented.

Are you a fan of Justin Bieber? Are you shocked that the singer randomly gave away his pet hamster to one of his admirers?