Trump Will Quit As President And Take Immunity Deal To Avoid Going To Jail, According To Trump’s Co-Author

President Donald Trump is going to quit as president, according to the man who wrote Donald Trump’s Art of the Deal book. Tony Schwartz, the man who wrote Trump’s most famous tome, thinks President Trump is going to quit – but not before making an immunity deal to get himself off of any charges, as reported by the Huffington Post. President Trump’s Russia stuff will be “huge,” according to Tony, and Trump will try to avoid going to jail over it. Whether Tony was referencing Trump’s alleged investigations over human sex trafficking related to the now-closed Trump Model Management firm with allegations of underage girls being trafficked from Russia with faked credentials remains to be seen.

Schwartz believes President Trump will soon resign from the presidency, and says that the resignation will likely happen sooner rather than later. On Twitter, the man who now says he regrets helping Trump write the best-selling book is predicting that the subject of his popular book will quit in order to brag about being victorious before Trump is backed into a corner over pending investigations. Schwartz wrote that President Trump’s circle is closing in on Trump and that the man he knows will quit after the summer is over, if not sooner.

“The circle is closing at blinding speed. Trump is going to resign and declare victory before Mueller and congress leave him no choice. Trump’s presidency is effectively over. Would be amazed if he survives till end of the year. More likely resigns by fall, if not sooner.”

Trump [Image by Drew Angerer/Getty Images]

Schwartz also noted how much President Trump does not want to go to jail for his alleged crimes, as Tony urged others to keep up the pressure on Trump. Tony even had strong words for President Trump’s adult children, calling his sons “dumber versions” of President Trump, and labeling Ivanka as a human that’s not a real person and one who enables her father’s behavior.

“The Russia stuff will be huge. He doesn’t want to go to jail. Trump must be isolated. Resistance every day. The end is near but must keep pressure high. Eric & Donald Trump Jr., dumber versions of their father. Ivanka Trump fake human and enabler. They all suffer from Stockholm Syndrome.”

It wasn’t the first time that Schwartz predicted the demise of Trump. Tony said that he has spent 30 years feeling bad for writing the book that helped to put Trump further on the map.

Meanwhile, the Independent reports that articles of impeachment against Trump are set to be introduced by Representative Steve Cohen, a Democrat, due to President Trump’s comments regarding Charlottesville, with the hopes that Trump will be removed from office before he potentially quits.

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