A Lucky Few Win ‘Hamilton’ Tickets In Los Angeles Lottery And Get A Spontaneous Lin Manuel Miranda Concert

Hamilton has opened in Los Angeles, and the demand for tickets has far outweighed the supply, but Lin Manuel Miranda had an idea. Miranda had a handful of tickets and created a lottery that directed lots of attention. Approximately 2500 people showed up hoping to win one of the forty tickets in the Hamilton lottery for the amazing price of $10. But with a line that ran down Hollywood Boulevard, the Hamilton lottery hopefuls were treated to an impromptu concert by Hamilton creator Lin Manuel Miranda.

Lin Manuel Miranda had promised that everyone who wanted to see Hamilton would eventually get to see the show one way or another. The hunt for tickets has been fierce, but Miranda says that they have filmed the musical with the original cast, and DVDs of that Hamilton performance will be available.

“The production will film two performances with the original cast this month before they start exiting, as well as shooting offstage cameos.”

So far Lin Manuel Miranda has no date for the release of the DVD, but there is a soundtrack with the original cast available for sale, and he promises it is awesome.

“There’s a cover of ‘Satisfied’ that is going to blow your f*****g minds — you can put asterisks through that!”

Tonight, the next chapter of our narrative begins in Los Angeles. #RiseUp

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But for now, if you want to see Hamilton live, it is coming to a city near you soon. Right now, it is in Los Angeles, and in 2018, Hamilton will be in Washington, D.C. But for now, forty people were able to win Hamilton tickets through a lottery. But nobody left the Hamilton Lottery empty handed, as Lin Manuel Miranda’s concert entertained all who showed up with hopes of scoring $10 Hamilton tickets. Fans got to sing along as Miranda sang his heart out to “Alexander Hamilton,” as well as “Guns and Ships.”

Lin Manuel Miranda yelled to the crowd, “Hello Los Angeles!” The crowd screamed in response. He then did a California-themed medley that included “California Dreamin,” “Hotel California,” and “California Girls.”

Megan Singer has entered three Hamilton ticket lotteries and remains optimistic.

“Hamilton is revolutionary. It’s the musical of our millennial generation.”

Lin Manuel Miranda stayed for the opening night of Hamilton and got to mingle with the star-filled crowd, which included Jessica Alba, Elizabeth Banks, Halle Berry, Josh Gad, Josh Groban, Megan Hilty, Paris Jackson, and Eva Longoria. During intermission, Miranda was said to be incredibly gracious, mingling with the crowd and signing autographs.

At the end of Hamilton, the audience called for Lin Manuel Miranda to come out and take a bow. He did and gushed to the audience.

“I’m a mess! Thank you for welcoming this incredible company with such open arms, Los Angeles. Thank you to my incredible cabinet [his creative team], uhm, and… uh… [Laughs.] I have nothing smart to say. My heart is so full. Thank you so much for being with us tonight, and thank you for welcoming this incredible, incredible company. Have a wonderful night. Thank you.”


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The Los Angeles run of Hamilton will be in town until December 30th. Hamilton will next move to San Diego on January 8th.

Have you had any luck getting Hamilton tickets? Will you see Hamilton when it comes to your town?

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