The President Is Sad That Confederate Statues Are Being Removed

Cities across the country have been voluntarily removing their Confederate statues and monuments over the past couple of days. This decision comes in light of the recent Charlottesville white nationalist riots, where three people died, and dozens more were injured. Donald Trump is not happy with this decision and, like most things that displease him, he took to Twitter to post about it on Thursday morning, reports Variety.

"Sad to see the history and culture of our great country being ripped apart with the removal of our beautiful statues and monuments," Trump tweeted. "You can't change history, but you can learn from it. Robert E Lee, Stonewall Jackson – who's next, Washington, Jefferson? So foolish!" he continued.

"...the beauty that is being taken out of our cities, towns and parks will be greatly missed and never able to be comparably replaced!"
It took users on Twitter and other social media sites no time to denounce Donald Trump for not supporting the removal of the Confederate monuments. Historically, Confederate monuments have been viewed as a symbol of hatred towards minority groups. By supporting their existence, some people feel that Donald Trump is supporting that hatred.

This backlash is pretty much expected. Donald Trump regularly invites pushback from his detractors for some of his views, but this week has seen some of the most severe ever. Some condemned Trump for the amount of time of it took him to address the neo-Nazis that ignited the violence in Charlottesville this past weekend.

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When he finally did, Donald Trump made a vague statement that placed the blame on "many, many sides."
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Not satisfied with Donald's reluctance to address the hate groups responsible for the violence, many politicians, journalists, and regular citizens bombarded his Twitter mentions, urging him to be more direct. On Tuesday, Donald Trump held a press conference, in which he gave much more direct statements and called out the KKK, and other hate groups by name. One day later, he backtracked his statements and placed the blame on "both sides," once again.

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