Butt-Dialed Call Gives Reporter Fact-Checking Galore As Man Brags To Buddies

A New York Post reporter had just ended an interview via phone with a long-time spokesperson for the state court systems. This NYC court worker accidentally butt-dialed the reporter back, which would have been fine if he wasn’t bragging to at least two other people how he just told the reporter something different than the truth.

This butt-dialed call ended up on the reporter’s voice mail and it was like the flood gates opened up for truthful information to spew forth as David Bookstaver bragged to the friends he was with. He shared how he barely shows up for his $166,000 a year job. A job which is state funded on tax-payer dollars.

Bookstaver had just finished up an interview with the reporter on his cell phone about “a planned expose on his cushy schedule” when he unwittingly called him back with a butt-dialed cell phone call, according to Fox News.

The four-minute phone call went to the reporter’s voicemail so not only did the reporter get to hear Bookstaver’s own words, but he had a recording of those bragging words as well. It sounded as if the conversation Bookstaver was having was with two other people.

According to Fox, ” Bookstaver admitted to lying to The Post about how he spent his weekdays and confirmed the accounts of court-system sources who said he’s been working as few as two days a week.”

Butt-dialed phone call to NY Post Reporter offered fact checking galore

Bookstaver is quoted as saying the following.

“I spoke to [the reporter] on the record for awhile. I said I’m in a much less visible position; that doesn’t mean I’m not doing anything.”

Bookstaver and his two-person audience were heard laughing after he said, “But, frankly, look, the bottom line: the story’s true. I’m not doing anything. I barely show up to work and I’ve been caught.”

The boasting about his cushy job and expected cushy pension continued with Bookstaver, who is planning on retiring on October 1, said how he “had a big mouth” and “he kind of asked for it” because of his “big mouth.”

He also told the two unknown people he was chatting with on this butt-dialed call that he could get fired for the story in the Post, but if that were to happen it would only drop his pension by about “$6 a month.” Social media users had a wake-up call for this bragging court worker, with some suggesting he shouldn’t count his chickens before they hatched after this news got out about his tax-funded job. They suggested he think again about that pension as the post below conveys.

From what Bookstaver said in this butt-dialed phone call, it appears he was accused of not working the hours he was slated to work, while still collecting his pay check. It seems this New York Post reporter called Bookstaver to interview him on these accusations.

According to the New York Post, sources from within the court system accused Bookstavier as working as little as two days a week. The reporter was asking him about these accusations. What he said to the reporter didn’t seem to matter anymore, after his butt-dialed phone call acted like an unwilling and unknowing confession of sorts.

Butt-dialed phone call offers New York Post reporter a slew of fact checking

The Post reported that at one point during the butt-dialed phone call, this court worker bragged about his “ability to play hooky. He told the unknown folks he was chatting with while on that recorded call what he told the reporter during his interview. Bookstaver said that he told the reporter how he has a “much less visible position” but that “doesn’t mean I am not doing anything.”

He also got laughter from the unknown recorded two-person audience when Bookstaver said that he didn’t need to show up “because they took away all my responsibilities and left my pay.”

Bookstavier also said to the people he was talking to at the time he made this butt-dialed call, “Look, the bottom line is, I’ll suffer through a terribly embarrassing story and then go get my f–king pension and retire.”

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