2009-10 NBA preview: New Jersey Nets

There might be a new day coming for the New Jersey Nets, but that day will not come soon enough for their fans. This is a team that used to be called the Clippers East, then Jason Kidd came to town and unprecedented success came with him, now the Nets have sold off all their flashy pieces and little of once what was is left. While the Nets are well positioned to make a big play for one of the many 2010 free agents, this team will have to get through the coming NBA season first.

Sure the Nets have new ownership, or will soon, and sure they are building a new stadium in Brooklyn, although that is a process that has brought about many, a lawsuit from many different groups of people. Now this is a team that went 35-48 last season, finished third in their division, but that they did finish 28 games behind eventual division champs the Boston Celtics. Now that Vince Carter has been traded away, projections for the coming season are even worse.

The new face of this franchise is point guard Devin Harris, and he comes to the team with an impressive resume. He averaged 21.3 points per game last year, and was an all star. Now that Carter is gone, Harris will have the chance to improve on those numbers. The Nets also landed guard Courtney Lee in the Carter trade. Lee gained valuable experience last year playing 8 minutes a game during the Magic’s run to the NBA finals last season. He and Harris provide the Nets with a very athletic backcourt.

While the Nets have been in cost cutting mode for the last few years, once the new ownership is approved and that is, supposed to happen by the end of the year, that could very well change. The new owners will have lots of incentive to build a winning team to help fill their new Brooklyn home.