Disney’s All-Star Resorts May Get A Table-Service Restaurant And All-Star Movies Already Has A Secret Menu

Usually, there isn’t a whole ton of news that comes about for the Value Resorts at Walt Disney World, but three of the original locations are getting a bit of attention and for interesting reasons. Along with the Skyliner connections, there is some great news and one big rumor about Disney’s All-Star Resorts. Not only is there speculation that a table-service restaurant will be built for all three resorts, but there is already a secret menu in place for All-Star Movies.

First things first: all of the five Value Resorts on Walt Disney World property have quick-service locations in which to eat, or as many call them, a food court. None of them actually have a sit-down, table-service dining location, but that may change in the future as reported by WDWNT.

The three resorts (Movies, Music, and Sports) are all in close proximity to one another, and rumor has it that Disney is in the early planning stages of adding a table-service restaurant. If Disney actually goes through with this plan, the possible buffet-style restaurant would be built in the parking lot between All-Star Music and All-Star Movies.

This needs to be taken strictly as a rumor for now as things could change or it may never happen at all. With the opening of Toy Story Land (summer 2018) and Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge by 2019, the Value Resorts may see a rise in reservations and this restaurant would help considerably.

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As for something happening right now, the Inquisitr recently reported about a secret nachos challenge in Magic Kingdom, but there are more hidden things to learn about. The Disney Food Blog is reporting that the World Premiere Food Court in Disney’s All-Star Movies Resort has some secret menu items and you will want to try them right away.

One of those items happens to be a cinnamon roll cheeseburger with candied bacon, and that is not a joke.

That is just one of three items on the secret menu, but the other two aren’t quite as unique. They are certainly good, but how can you compare to a candied cinnamon cheeseburger? Still, the other two secret menu items are poutine with gravy and cheesecurds as well as a bacon mac and cheese dog.

One good thing about this menu is that it isn’t overly pricey either.

  • Cinnamon Bun Bacon Cheeseburger: $14.99
  • Poutine: $7.99
  • Bacon Mac and Cheese Hot Dog: $12.29

Adding even more fun to the secret menu at Disney’s All-Star Movies Resort is how you order from the secret menu. Upon asking for it, a briefcase will be brought out with the old-school ViewMasters which is how you view the menu and make your selections.

Walt Disney World certainly has a lot of new things happening in the coming years with two new lands, the Skyliner, new attractions at three other parks, and so much more. Disney’s All-Star Resorts could use some attention, and a table-service would certainly breathe some new life into them, but that rumor still needs to be confirmed. One thing that is certain, though, is that All-Star Movies has a unique and interesting secret menu which can be tried out now.

[Featured Image by Danny Cox]