Freddie Highmore Takes On ‘The Good Doctor,’ Brilliantly Portrays An Autistic Doctor On The ABC Medical Drama

Freddie Highmore shifts from playing the serial killer, Norman Bates to the genius surgeon, Dr. Shaun Murphy on The Good Doctor. The series is set to premiere Monday, September 25 on ABC.

According to USA Today, Highmore will play Dr. Shaun Murphy, a surgeon who has autism and savant syndrome. He will move from his peaceful home in the country to a competitive teaching hospital environment, something that will be very difficult for the autistic doctor.

David Shore, executive producer of the Good Doctor, felt compelled to do this series. He wanted to show that autistic people want the same thing everyone else wants — to fit in and be successful. He added that he first wanted to address the biggest myth about autism, which is autistic people have no emotion whatsoever.

“What I think we are trying to do in portraying Dr. Shaun Murphy is moving away from perhaps stereotypical versions of individuals with autism that have been shown on television and in certain movies in the past, the No. 1 thing that they’re devoid of emotion,” Freddie Highmore said. “Of course, that’s complete nonsense.”

Of course, The Good Doctor spoilers suggest that Dr. Murphy’s disorders will make thing difficult for him as following rules and protocols will not come easy for him. When he breaks the rules, he will suffer consequences.

The Good Doctor cast
'The Good Doctor' premieres on September 25, 2017. [Image by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images]

Freddie shared that his character on The Good Doctor is a high functioning savant but still has noticeable social deficits. He wants to fit in with his new colleagues, but they are all pretty apprehensive about working with him.

Highmore explained that Dr. Murphy sees thing differently and is completely honest with those around him. The Good Doctor spoilers indicate that he doesn’t lie or sugar coat anything, which will become apparent when he talks about his patients and their families.

In The Good Doctor First Look video shared by ABC, Highmore explained that Dr. Murphy is a brilliant surgeon, but he will face a set of obstacles he never thought would be an issue, protocols, and rules that keep order in the hospital.


The Good Doctor spoiler state that, in time, Dr. Shaun Murphy wins over his colleagues, but it takes some time. They will learn that he sees things they cannot possibly see.

The series will show that someone will autism can achieve their dreams. David Shore pointed out that while Dr. Murphy’s experience and success in medicine are not typical, it is inspiring to think that autism and savant syndrome didn’t limit the physician in The Good Doctor.

The Good Doctor airs September 25 on ABC after Dancing With The Stars.

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