Tom Cruise Broke Two Bones, ‘Mission Impossible 6’ Delayed After Stunt Mishap [Report]

Tom Cruise Broke Two Bones, 'Mission Impossible 6' Delayed After Stunt Mishap [Report] [Featured Image by Stuart C. Wilson/Getty Images]

Tom Cruise is worse off than previously reported. The actor broke two bones while performing a stunt for Mission: Impossible 6 and filming might be delayed for months while he recovers.

According to Hollywood Life, Cruise was jumping rooftops in London when he broke two ankle bones. The actor is well-known for doing his own stunts throughout his career, but that might change considering his latest misstep. Production was halted after Cruise’s injury, and the actor is currently in the U.S. until he fully heals.

Unfortunately, there’s nothing for the production team to do until Cruise is back in action. Although the injury was serious, an insider close to the situation claims that it will not stop Cruise from performing similar stunts in the future.

“Tom is a little beat up, but he is showing a brave face and not showing lingering effects from his stunt mishap,” the source shared. “And this in no way is going to stop him from doing more stunts of his own in the future. He prides himself that he still can do it and refuses to quit doing his own stunts. It was just a bad day at work, and he looks forward to moving forward — incident-free — from this point on.”

Daily Mail released photos of Tom Cruise shortly after he sustained the injury. It’s not clear when the Mission Impossible star will fully recover, but the delay in filming could push the film back to 2019. The movie was originally slated to open in theaters in the summer of 2018.

Cruise was safely harnessed in while jumping over the rooftops. The actor broke the bones when he failed to hit his mark and slammed his ankle into the side of the building. Video footage of the accident has been released online.

Cruise reportedly trained for over a year to get himself in shape for the stunts. In fact, sources close to production claim that the movie will feature some of Cruise’s best stunts to date, which is saying a lot consider his action-packed film credits.

The actor, of course, has experienced a few injuries over the years. In 2004, Cruise was injured while driving a car for the movie Collateral. He also got bruised up while riding in a zero-gravity plane for the film, The Mummy, and injured an ankle during the very first Mission Impossible.

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Cruise has not commented on the ankle injury and the delay in filming. He is also slated to appear in the Top Gun sequel, though it isn’t clear how the injury might affect the start of production.

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[Featured Image by Stuart C. Wilson/Getty Images]