‘Conan Exiles’ Guide: How To Get To The Frozen North

Conan Exiles is expanding to the north Wednesday with the Frozen North expansion for the PC and Xbox One. How does one get there though? This guide will help you make the journey from the southern deserts through the Exiled lands to breach the wall and make your way to forests and snow.

Before the Journey Begins

The only limit to reaching the Frozen North is your character’s skill level and equipment combined with your own abilities. There are multiple routes across Conan Exiles‘ desert to get there, but you’ll want to make sure you are properly leveled up and equipped first.

Reaching level 20 is a safe starting point despite there being no level requirement to enter the Frozen North. This ensures you know how to craft iron weapons and tools along with the new fur armor and insulated wood structures.

The weapons will help you survive any fights on the way up while the fur and structure will make sure you are warm once your reach the Frozen North.

It will also help to allocate your skill points properly, especially if you plan on taking a climbing route. A “Grit” level of at least 5 points will be needed to climb up most of the walled entry points.

Again, it is not necessary to reach level 20 in Conan Exiles before embarking on your journey to the Frozen North. However, it will be more difficult though with basic stone weapons and cloth armor unless you are in a group.

Picking a Path

The entry points to the Frozen North in Conan Exiles.

The Frozen North is largely barricaded by a massive wall running nearly the width of the Conan Exiles map. The easiest journey is on the eastern side, but that will require you to pick select spots to climb up the wall.

Aside from the far-east end of the map, following the rivers upwards is the next easiest. Dangerous creatures there primarily consist of crocodiles, hyenas, spiders, and scorpions the closer you reach the wall. Things get more difficult the further east you go with the Unnamed City eating up a large portion of the map and then the land north of Relic Hunter City on the western end. Those are the more difficult locales to travel through.

Going all the way to the cursed wall on the eastern part of the map and then up along the sea is the easiest journey with the least difficult creatures. There is also a very simple climbing spot just north of the “Pirate Ship.” Beware though as there is an NPC camp not far from this cliff ledge that you must either sneak around or fight your way past to enter what is essentially Conan Exiles‘ version of a starter area of the Frozen North.

Just west of the eastern most climbing spot are four entrances at the points where the waterfalls pour through the wall. A little further west is the only walk-through entrance on the easier section of the map. It is a tunnel through the cliff and straight into the Frozen North.

The two climbing spots furthest to the west are the most difficult to reach but are relatively simple climbs.

There are multiple walking paths to the Frozen North in the mountains to the west, as marked on the map above. Getting to these easier passages is the difficult part, however, and brings you into a more harsh and dangerous part of the new northern land. For that reason, the two paths marked on the map below are highly recommended.

The easy paths to reach the Frozen North in Conan Exiles.

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[Featured Image by Funcom/Conan Exiles]

[Disclosure: Funcom provided a Conan Exiles preview code for the Frozen North].