'Alaskan Bush People' Cancelled For Good? Show Gives A Subtle Response To Rumors On Cast Members

Alaskan Bush People cancellation rumors are once again hitting the online web, as several cast members are believed to be exiting the Discovery Channel documentary series. While many people are now fearing for the fate of the show and what it might mean for the Brown family, it appears that the show has given a subtle response to the never-ending rumors on the series. Is it time to say goodbye to ABP and the Brown family?

The fate of Alaskan Bush People is up in the air following the recent posts of several cast members of the show. It was initially believed that Gabe Brown has decided to leave the show, but succeeding reports claimed that even Noah Brown will be a no-show from the series.

This raised speculations that Alaskan Bush People is ending, as more Brown family members are rumored to be leaving the show and Ami Brown may need to spend more time away from the cameras while she undergoes treatment for cancer. There was a time when the family requested some time away from the cameras when they were told of the different treatment options for Ami, but many fans were quite disappointed when they heard about the show's possible cancellation.


After all, ABP is the only way for fans and viewers to know what happened to the Brown family despite the show's constant struggle of producing new scenes in its latest episodes in its effort to film scenes in real time. While this may be the case, the show's recent post on its official Facebook page may be taken as a subtle response to the never-ending rumors surrounding the fate of the show.

While posting a link to a recap of the latest Alaskan Bush People episode, the show hinted that the Brown family's decision to move and find a new place to call Browntown is "not an ending" but a "whole new chapter." This reassured a lot of the show's loyal followers, but several fans thought that the Brown family may actually benefit from spending time away from the cameras.


Ami's condition is rumored to be worsening, which has convinced a lot of viewers on the rumored cancellation of Alaskan Bush People on air. However, as TV Insider has recapped, the Brown family is simply moving to Colorado in hopes of finding a new place to call home, as Ami continues her fight against cancer.

Do you think Alaskan Bush People should be off the air temporarily while Ami Brown begins her treatment for cancer?

[Featured Image by Discovery Channel]