Trump Allegedly Under Investigation For Trafficking Underage Girls For Sexual Abuse Via His Modeling Agency

Donald Trump is under investigation for trafficking underage girls into the United States for sexual abuse through his modeling company, a controversial but potentially explosive new report claims.

The report comes from noted Trump critic Louise Mensch, who has amassed a large Twitter following by spreading information from intelligence sources related to the ever-growing Russia investigation. Though critics say many of these claims are unproven and some unlikely, The Guardian noted that Mensch has broken a number of major stories related to the investigation including the existence of a FISA warrant granted by the FBI to investigate alleged connections between the Trump campaign and Russia.

The latest report claims that Trump is now entangled in an investigation related to underage girls entering the United States under the guise of joining the modeling agency Trump Model Management, Mensch reported on her blog Patribotics.

“Sources with links to the intelligence community report that Donald Trump is being investigated for trafficking underage girls into the United States for sexual abuse, under the guise of his shell modeling company, Trump Models.

“These sources report that Trump is linked to a Russian-based human trafficking enterprise, where girls and women were kidnapped into sexual slavery. This includes underage girls and minors.”

It is not clear from the report just how involved Donald Trump would have been on the alleged trafficking, but the report claims that Trump has been unable to provide accounts showing that Trump Models operated as a legitimate business.

There have been other reports of Trump Models operating as a dodgy enterprise. In October 2016, Mother Jones published a report claiming that many of the models who came to work for Trump Model Management lacked the proper visas to work in the United States. Other young women who were employed by the agency claimed they were forced to live together in cramped apartments and charged exorbitant rent fees.

“We’re herded into these small spaces,” one model told the magazine. “The apartment was like a sweatshop.”

A report from July also claimed that Trump Model Management was under investigation by New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman.

The latest report from Louise Mensch claiming Donald Trump is under investigation for human trafficking comes amid a low point for the president. He has been roundly criticized for his reaction to the violence in Charlottesville, Virginia, at a rally of white supremacists, with Trump blaming those “on many sides” and failing to denounce the white supremacists. Trump doubled down on Tuesday, saying in a press conference that the “alt-left” shares some blame for provoking white supremacists at the rally.

So far, there is no independent verification that Donald Trump is under investigation for human trafficking, or exactly what charges — if any — could stem from this investigation.

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