Bentley Continental GT3 Racer Will Be Developed With Help By M-Sport

Bentley’s Continental GT3 racer will be developed in partnership with M-Sport, according to the two companies, who have entered into the partnership together.

M-Sport is Ford’s long-term partner in the World Rally Championship, but Bentley has signed the group up as it begins to gear the GT3 up to enter the arena at the end of next year, reports Auto Sport.

A statement released from Bentley explains that M-Sport will “assist with the design of specialist components and offer focused technical expertise during the development of the program.”

Malcolm Wilson, the head of M-Sport, also released a statement about the partnership on the Continental GT3, saying:

“Bentley’s design and analysis work to-date has shown that the Continental GT road car can become an extremely competitive race car. We are looking forward to capitalizing on our extensive competition car development experience and success to help Bentley realize its goals.”

Top Speed notes that Bentley first announced the Continental GT3 would be specially produced for the FIA GT3 European Championship at the 2012 Paris Auto Show when the company first debuted the concept car. Their partner, M-Sport is certainly a good decision, considering they have win two Manufacturers World Rally Championships.

The production version of the Continental GT3 will likely have the same technological features that were offered in the concept version. This means that there will likely be a W-12 engine and a rear-wheel drive chassis — in line with the sport’s regulations. There will also be a fitting aerodynamic package that includes a large rear wing and a front bumper made up of carbon fiber.

The Bentley Continental GT3 will debut before the end of 2013.