New Details About Former ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Star Eric Dane’s Sister-In-Law’s Death

There are still some mysteries surrounding the death of former Grey’s Anatomy star Eric Dane’s sister-in-law Rachel Gayheart, sister of former model Rebecca Gayheart, best known for her Noxzema ads. Rachel Gayheart, 38, died suddenly in a Hazard, Kentucky, hospital after having a medical emergency behind bars. When asked what happened to the former Grey’s Anatomy star’s family member, the Hazard prison administrator was tight-lipped, refusing to discuss Gayheart’s medical crisis and the reason that the 38-year-old was in jail in the first place.

Rachel Gayheart previously had trouble with drugs and money and has reportedly reached out in the past to sister Rebecca Gayheart and her husband, Eric Dane — best known as McSteamy from Grey’s Anatomy — for help. At the time of her death, Lonnie Brewer, the prison’s administrator, refused to give anything but broad strokes in terms of details.

“She came to the jail first, then died in the hospital yesterday after being in the hospital three or four days. I don’t know what the cause of death is.”

When asked what Rachel Gayheart did to end up in jail, and why she wasn’t out on bail, Brewer had no comment. When asked if Gayheart had been injured behind bars, he again refused to comment.

At the time of the announcement, neither Rebecca Gayheart nor husband Eric Dane had made a public comment.

But today, Rebecca Gayheart took to Instagram account Rebecca Gayheart Dane to reach out to friends and fans about the death of her sister Rachel, whom the family called Ray. Gayheart shared a photo of the family, seemingly at a graveside service, and included a note.

“My baby sister Rachel ‘ray’ has sadly passed away. We buried her on the hilltop in Kentucky along with my grandparents and cousins. She was loved by everyone and had a wicked sense of humor and the most loving heart. Life has not been easy for you sis but now you can be peaceful. Im so grateful that I was able to be with my family during this time and want to say thank you to everyone for all of the love and support you’ve sent to me and my family.”

Gayheart went on to say that it’s important to tell your loved ones that you love them now rather than waiting for later. As Rebecca Gayheart also said in her comments, Rachel Gayheart’s life has not been easy, as she had been in jail before, always on drug-related offenses.

But now more details are available from the Kentucky State Police, who have taken over the investigation from the Hazard Police Department. According to Detective Thomas, Rachel Gayheart was having trouble breathing in her cell when another inmate alerted the warden.

“She was having difficulty breathing, She became sick five days after she was incarcerated, and then we transmitted her to the hospital…She died about three or four days later. Jail personnel then alerted the hospital, and they said that she was suffering from pneumonia symptoms.”

All of Gayheart’s medical files have now been subpoenaed, and they are part of the investigation into her death.

“At this time her exact cause of death is still under investigation.”

There seems to be nothing nefarious about her death at this time, but police are still not giving any details regarding her arrest. Curtis Gayheart, the father of Rachel and Rebecca Gayheart, mentioned that Rachel had trouble with drugs in the past.


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Missing from the photo at the Kentucky Gayheart funeral was former Grey’s Anatomy star Eric Dane, who was likely on the set of his show The Last Ship. Gayheart and Dane have two daughters and live in California.

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