Swedish Woman Convicted In Human Bone Sex Toy Case

Gothenburg, Sweden – A woman has been convicted of disturbing the dead for using human bones as sex toys, according to UPI.

The 37-year-old woman with an affinity for skeletal sex toys was also convicted of weapons charges. Although she denied the accusations levied against her, the Gothenburg District Court ultimately found the woman guilty of the crimes.

As punishment for disturbing the dead, she has been placed on probation. Additionally, the woman will have to seek psychiatric treatment for her unusual behavior.

According to The Local, the woman claimed she legally acquired the skeletons in question. She also maintained that she had handled the bones in a respectful nature and wasn’t “sexually interested in necrophilia.”

However, officials maintained that simply handling the bones was enough to constitute conviction in this particular case.

The court said in a statement:

“Criminal protection starts when a person dies, and the protection remains as long as there are remains of the deceased. The fact that the woman had moved bones constitutes a crime because she was unauthorized to do so, just as it’s a crime to put together a skeleton and have it lying on the floor, to have bones in plastic bags, and to sell them.”

The woman originally faced two years in prison for her crimes. However, the courts decided to give her a lighter sentence due to her otherwise crime-free lifestyle.

Despite the conviction, the unidentified woman has maintained her innocence. She told the Swedish newspaper Goeteborgs-Posten on Monday:

“I’m interested in forensics and I’m passionate about osteology. I have photographs of dead people. I’m not saying I’m the world’s nicest or best person. I’m an odd bird.”

The Inquisitr previously reported the woman was picked up by police in September for allegedly using human bones as sex toys. Authorities found 13 teeth, 15 skulls, and 397 bones inside her home at the time of her arrest.