‘The Walking Dead’ Season 8 Spoilers: Negan’s Backstory To Be Told In Flashback Episode?

The Walking Dead Season 8 is right around the corner, and there are so many questions about what the new batch of episodes may bring. While spoilers have been few and far between, it has been revealed that fans may be seeing a lot of Negan in an upcoming season.

Warning: Walking Dead comic book spoilers below!

According to Comic Book, The Walking Dead is planning to give fans Negan’s backstory in the future. While it could be in Season 8, it more than likely will be in a future season. The series’ showrunner, Scott Gimple, says that they’ve been talking about adapting the Negan origin comic book series Here’s Negan for television, and giving viewers a deep inside look at what Negan was doing before the zombie apocalypse, and how he gained his position of power.

Scott Gimiple recently revealed that there is “loose plan” to adapt the origins comic and that he believes it will get done “in the future,” leading Walking Dead viewers to believe that they won’t see the Negan flashbacks during the upcoming Season 8.

In the Walking Dead comics, Rick and Negan meet and go to war after he kills Glenn. The television series has caught up with this storyline, and now fans want the show to reveal more about Negan’s life before the end of the world. In the origins comic, Negan was a high school gym teacher with a bad attitude. During the time of the apocalypse, Negan’s wife, Lucille, was in the hospital dying from cancer. She died just before the zombie takeover, hence Negan naming his deadly baseball bat after his wife, Lucille.


As previously reported by the Inquisitr, actor Jeffrey Dean Morgan, who plays Negan on The Walking Dead, said he would love to bring the origin comic to life on television, and that he believes his real-life wife, actress Hilarie Burton, would be a great choice to play the role of Negan’s wife, Lucille, on the show.


What are your thoughts on the plans to bring Negan’s origin story to The Walking Dead beyond Season 8? Is that something you would like to see?

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